Welcome to this very simple modification that allows you to switch higher loads then the relay on the circuit board allows.


1). I have been asked a number of times is it possible to switch more current then a relay allows the answer is no why this is because the contacts may over heat with the excessive current.

2). If you what to switch a higher voltage and current like the mains in your home or work place then it is very simple to use a second relay to do this, Now in the schematic below you can see how to set this up.

3). How it works when relay 1 has no power then it is in the off position it is the same with relay 2 but as soon as relay 1 turns on then so does relay 2 and this allows the voltage and current to turn on your load or appliance connected to it.

4). This simple modification can be used with any type of electronic devise that has a relay out put.

5). Now the parts you will need depending on the amount of voltage and current as I am in the UK I used a 12 volts input relay at 8 amps at 240 volts contact out put.

7). One diode 1N4007 or similar across the relay contacts.

6). The 12 volts suppy needs to be on all the time it is the same with the 120 or 240 volts supply but if relay 2 is turned off then no power is going to your load.



Now if you have any problems with any thing I have designed please send me a e-mail to Anthony@anthony-dacko.net or if you use face book contact me Anthony Dacko I am all ways happy to help.

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