Welcome to this page on adding a 5 volt regulator to your DTMF devise this can be used for digital circuits.

The photo above shows the finished DTMF devise now with 5 Volt Voltage regulator built on to the same board..

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When you view the You Tube video you will see my power supply is supplying the DTMF with 12 to 12.1 volts the Regulator is giving me just below 5 Volts output constant.

1). Now we will add a simple voltage regulator to our DTMF devise this can be useful for a lot of digital electronic circuits the unit can be a stand alone or built on the same circuit board as the DTMF like in the photo below.

2). Now when you come to connect your regulator up to or on to your DTMF devise connect the A link to the A link on the 5 volt regulator and with the B link connect this to the B link on the regulator see photo below this one. 

The Caps are 100UF at 35 Volts

Regulator LM7805.

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