Welcome to this simple page on building a GSM trip wire security system for your back garden or where ever you like.

Now if you would like to see the unit on my You Tube account activated click here

This photo shows the line going across my garden.   

  This photo show's line going across the fence panel good if some one was sliding down it to get over.


1). First off we all know that crime is on the increase also criminals are all ways on the out side first if they are going to brake in to your home or what ever they will often do this at night as less people are around to hear them or see them.

2). This is why I have come up with a simple GSM trip wire alarm for your back garden this will be very simple to build and cost very little money all parts needed will be given as well as how to build the unit.

3). You will need a old cell phone with one touch dial or speed dial on it you can get this from sites like ebay cheap.

4). You will need one wooden peg the ones you would use for hanging your washing on the line with any shop or Market.

5). You will also need one roll of aluminum tape you can get this from your local DIY shop or store or on ebay Click here

6). Now you will need some fishing line this can be got from most out-door activity shops or stores or on ebay.

7). Now we have all our bits we need there is a number of things you can do to add more security to this system but we will just keep it simple for now.

8). The first thing you will need to do is Modify a old cell phone and put your number in to it then solder two wires to it click here.

9). Now in the photo below you can see the peg and wire wrap a small amount of aluminum tape around the top of the peg like in the photo below best take the peg apart.

This is the second part of the set up after you have modified your cell phone.

10). Now in the photo below you can see one peg with wire fixed to it you will need to take off the covering first see the wire in my hand with the covering off the end.

11). Now in the photo below you can see how to put the wire on to the peg and just wrap some aluminum tape around the peg and wire.

12). Now in the photo below you can see how I have wired up the two wires and now push one wire in to the spring and out and do the same with the second wire don't take off any covering and do the same with the second wire see photo below.

13). Now connect the two wires to your modified cell phone you will need to keep the Phone and Peg dry use fishing line as this is cheap and make sure it will not be a problem for wildlife in your garden.

Now in the photo above I have removed the paper from the two silver clips and it called the preset number in about 3 seconds.

Please note in the test version I just used paper to keep the two silver contacts apart you would be better off using a Straw from MacDonald's make a hole in one end of the Straw and tie the fishing line to it.

 Then tie the end of your fishing line to some part of your garden you want to protect like around the borders or across the middle of your garden.

Now as soon as some one or thing tripped the wire they would cause the Straw to come away from the two silver contacts and make the cell phone call the preset number any where in the world.