Welcome to this page on how to Monitor your Power Inverter over the internet from any where in the world, If your Inverter power is 2000 watts or lower.

Now if you would like to see my system working then click this link here.

1). I set this page up to help people that are using a Power Inverter back up  power system, or a Portable system in there home or work place to be able to see the power going into there devises and the wattages that are being drawn from the batteries. I wanted the idea to be cheap to set up and design it even for people that don't have a back ground in electronics.

2) I use this idea my self and it works really well I use a Devise called a ( Son off Power Monitor), In my home if the power goes out my Power Inverter takes over and powers my emergency back up system any thing up to 3000 watts.

3). Now before any one asks how long will your items run for this depends on what you have connected to your own system and the charge in the batteries and age.

4). I know some Power Inverter Makers supply a (Blue tooth devise) to monitor the wattage of there devises that's ok if you are there but if you are some distance away or on holiday at the other side of the world and you need to know your back up system has started up or has cut out then this idea may help you.

5). I am using a Son off 16 Amp  Wi-Fi power monitor as this allows a out put of over 3000 watts like most Power inverters you have to keep in mind the Surge as well so have set the watts to 2000 watts. You will need to check your own Inverter what the out put is and its surge 

The benefits of this simple hack is to allow you to know the amount of power in wattage used even if you are not keeping a eye on your mobile or tablet screen in real tme, The Ewe link app will keep a DATA record of the amount of power used by your Inverter with date and month on it,

The other Benefits are the Son off Can also be used as a  kill switch from any where in the world to cut the power to your devises if you need to do that in an emergency.

6). There is not much setting up to do to build your own Global reporting Internet Power Inverter monitoring system all you need to do is fix your out put from your Inverter into the Son off s Input and take a cable and connect it to the Son off's Out put then connect your devise you want to power up.

7). Now when you connect your devise or devises to your power Inverter with the Son off the Son off devise will send  Power Data with Wi-Fi to your Router then to the servers at Son off this is all free of charge and only takes about a second or so its all done in real time,

8). Now you have to down load a App from Goggle play store called (Ewe link) down load the APP for Android mobiles or tablets,  The system should work with Apple to as there is a App in the apple store but as I am only a Android user I will stick with Android here.

You could also just scan the QR code on the box that comes with your Son off Power meter to get the Ewe link on to your mobile devise,

9). Now after you have installed your Ewe link app on to your mobile or tablet you can register the Son off Power Monitor by following the instructions that come with your Son off devise once you have connected every thing up check all your wiring if ok then connect your Power inverter to your back up batteries then switch it on for the test.

10). Now if your Power Inverter is portable only a few 100s of watts out put you can do the same with the 10 Amp Son off  power monitor or just use the 16 Amp Son off version as it will allow you to connect it to bigger loads.

11).Now if you don't want to use a Son off devise or are not happy wiring it up your self then in this case use a  ( Portable plug in Energy Power Meter) and use  a Wi-Fi enabled Web Cam Like the (Clever dog version here) Buy them from your own Country  plug the power meter into your Power Inverter and have the Web Cam close to the screen as possible.

12). Now when you turn on your Power inverter be it automatic switch on in a power cut or black out , Or if you want to use your Cell phone as a Remote control to switch on your power inverter from any distance I have designed a simple DTMF Decoder here you can fix to any automatic Answer mobile phone you don't need a smart phone to use it to send your signal a cheap 15.00 or $15.00 one will do fine I used a Nokia 1208 a Smart phone can be used as well but you will need a smart phone or tablet to monitor your power inverters wattage out put over the internet its global.