Welcome to this page on how to add a remote Control cable to allow you to add external devises to turn on any Power Inverter you want to. 

Now if you would like to see my You Tube video of the Remote Control Switch working then click here.


1). I set this page up to do a small modification to my own Power Inverter's to allow me to add any thing that has a relay out put to automatically turn on or off my Power Inverter, You can see the 3.5mm socket just above the Power and Fault switch.

2). The first design just had the wire coming out from the front of the devise which did not look very professional so I decided to do some modification to make it look more professional.

3). Once you have done the modification you will not need to open your Power Inverter box to do modifications or add any electronic devises you can just plug them in now as long as it has a relay out put it will turn on or off the Power Inverter.

4). It is very Important that you have no power coming from the out put pins on the relay as we are just by passing the main switch. The main switch will work like normal once the relay has been turned off or you pull the remote cable out from the socket.

5). Now in the Photo's below you can see how to connect every thing up.

6). In the photo below I have soldered two wires to the main switch on my Power Inverter this allows me to use external devises that have a relay output so I can add lots of things to turn my Power Inverter on or off by remote control.

In the above photo you can see my wires coming from the switch to the 3.5mm socket on the on my Power Inverter.

When you come to fix your wires down make sure it is well away from the L & N connecter's see photo above.

Now in the Photo above using a hot melt glue gun stick the wires down, Then put the front panel back on.

Now in this version below this has a positive on/off switch so I could not connect it to the case as this would have given me a short circuit see how to get around this problem below.

Now the simplest way around this is to use a Plastic 3.5mm mini jack chassis socket to just connect to the case.

You can buy this plastic 3.5mm mini jack chassis socket from Ebay Click here

Please note if you have any problems please do send me an e-mail: Anthony@anthony-dacko.net I am more than happy to help.