Welcome to this page on how to power a 12 volt relay from 0.9 volt's or LED Signal that can switch on a 12 Volt relay and lamp.

Now if you would like to see the LED switch on the 12 Volt relay then visit my You Tube page here.

1). This simple design will find many uses in the field of electronics the design is nothing any more than a simple LED signal or 0.9 volts connected to the base of the Transistor to switch it on or off. 

2). This allows the relay to switch on and off by allowing the current to flow from the top of the Relay to the emitter of the transistor so when the power from the led or small signal is there the Transistor is powered on when not there it is powered off.

3). In the video on you tube you will hear a clicking sound when the LED comes on and off this is the Relay switching on and off soon after I switch the Lamp on as well.

4). Now if you would like to build your own Devise for your own projects then I have drawn the Schematic diagram below.


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