Welcome to this page on Modifying any type of Power Inverter from 12 or 24 volt's to 110 or 240 Volt to turn on as soon as the mains power has been cut out.

Now if you would like to see the devise working then visit my You tube page here.


1). I designed this small circuit to turn on a 110 or 240 volts Inverter to power my load in this case I used a Energy saving Light for 30 Watts, The deigned is very simple to build every thing is off the Shelf components.

2). This is a grate aid in an Emergency say you have a Fire, Flood or Natural disaster and your electrics cut out, You need to get out or power some thing, I designed this little circuit to turn on a 12 Volt to 110 or 240 volt Inverter to power a load of 110 or 240 volt devise.

3). I used a cheap Inverter for 300 Watts to power my 30 watt Energy saving light to turn on as soon as the power was cut out, This saves me using a torch or looking around for it as my escape way has been lit by the emergency Inverter.

4). I just a simple 110 to 240 Volt wall adapter with an out put of 9/12 volts out put this is fixed to a 1N4001 Diode then on to 1000 μF then on to the contacts of a Double pole Relay.

5). How it works is simple when the mains power is on the relay is switched in the off position so keeping the Inverters Switch in the off position.

6). Now as soon as the Power is cut the relay has no more power to keep the relay on so the relay switched off and this is by passing the Inverters switch it is just like your pushed the switch on your self but done automatic for you.

7). Now when the Power comes back on the relay will once again switch on and cut the power to the Inverter turning it off again.


Now in this version below this has a positive on/off switch so, I could not connect it to the case as this would have given me a short circuit see how to get around this problem below.

Now the simplest way around this is to use a Plastic 3.5mm mini jack chassis socket to just connect to the case.

You can buy this plastic 3.5mm mini jack chassis socket from Ebay Click here



(See the photo below)


8). Please note if you have any problems please do email me at Anthony@anthony-dacko.net I am more than happy to help.