Welcome to this page on how to build your own simple Reverse polarity protection devise with a Voltage regulator for 5 Volts output. 

Now if you would like to the project working then visit my You Tube page here.

1). On this page we will be looking at why you may want to build your own fixed voltage regulated power supply with reverse polarity protection also with a built on 5 volt regulator. This simple design can be used as a stand alone devise or built in to your own electronic designs or projects.

2). The benefits of voltage regulators is that you may want to build some electronic circuits and you need a fixed supply of 5 volts using a simple regulator is a good idea and in most cases a must if your IC Chip tells you must use 6 volts max.

3). Now most people may have come across Voltage regulators in power adapters or bench power supplies the regulator is used often in electronic designs to supply a fixed voltage.

4). Now say your project tells you to use 9 or 12 volts input most electronic designs that have regulators will drop the voltage to a fixed level this level will depend on the Regulator used.

5). The simple design below can be used with any input voltage from 35 volts to 7 volts to get an out-put of 5 volt the devise could be used in your own electronic designs where you want to have some extra protection in case you connect the wirers the wrong way around.

6). The parts are off the shelf parts so you should have know problem getting them on Ebay or your local electronic shops or stores.

Please note if you have any problems with set up or getting any parts please do e-mail me and I will be more than happy to help: Anthony@anthony-dacko.net