It is now in the interests of all Irish hunting, shooting and fishing associations to urge their members to support the party which has committed to protecting our collective interests’ Fine Gael. —NARG (National Association of Regional Game Councils)


Dear ARAN Supporters,

Word is out right now that Fine Gael—should they get into government—are going to reverse the hard fought ban on the Ward Union carted stag hunt. Should the party get their wicked way and repeal this only piece of legislation, it will set our movement in Ireland back and will cast a dark day for all campaigning to bring about an end to cruelty to animals.

It’s times like this that our movement must come together and our supporters and members must take a stand. Sitting back and leaving it to someone else or just ignoring an appeal like this (although the easiest thing to do), makes matters worse, and we’ll never make any head way in fighting animal abuse. ARAN desperately need all our supporters to do just two actions today that will make a difference, but only if everyone takes action.

1.    Call Fine Gael’s Policy Office right now and urge the party to reverse their decision to repeal the Ward Union hunt legislation, should they get into government. If you are a FG member or supporter, please make them aware of this also. Call their direct line on 01-6694731. (people are calling their phones from across the nation so be patient until you get through, but please ensure you call).

2.    Please send a polite email of protest to Fine Gael’s leader’ Enda Kenny:; and CC’

So you’ve made your phone call and sent your vital email, now be sure to forward this notice on Facebook and send to your contacts, family, friends, co-workers and other mailing lists to ensure that we send an extremely clear message to Fine Gael that repealing the Ward Union hunt ban is not the way to go. Be sure to let ARAN know if you call their office and send an email, we need to track the volume of correspondence.


Thank you for all that you do for the animals in such urgent situations,

John Carmody

Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)

‘Fighting animal abuse across Ireland’

P.S. Fine Gael may respond to your email advising that the party are in favour of updating and modernising the current, outdate animal welfare legislation which dates back to 1911. Although it does need modernising-which ARAN is working on, reversing the ban on the Ward Union hunt certainly is a backward step in our efforts to bring about meaningful change to help animals in this country, and you should make them aware of this.