Welcome to this simple page on how to build a monitored flood detector that will call your mobile phone if a flood happens to you.

If you would like to see the unit in operation then I have upload the activation of the unit onto my You tube account so you can see the unit in action and how it would inform you that you have a flood problem by cell phone. Click here.

1). First off we all know the problems burst pipes or water damage can cause us the problem is it is often to late the damage has been done but on this page, I want to show you how to build a simple flood detector that will call you if water touches the two contacts.

2). You can buy flood detectors that sound an alarm not much good if you are out and about or a wildlife Charity that has shut up for the night.

3). Now we will look at the items we will need and where to buy them at low cost and how to modify a cell phone also I will give step by step instructions on setting every thing up.

4). One cheap cell phone with one touch dial or speed dial on it the one in the photo below is a Nokia 3310 from e-bay click here. or any phone that has one touch or speed dial on it will work fine.

5). One Timer switch to keep the cell phone battery fully charged up this will save you charging the phone manually or for getting to charge the phone up. Please note you may need to buy the timer switch in your own country Click here or any local electrical shop or store.

Mechanical Daily Timer

6). One flood detector circuit I have used is a ready built one as this makes it more simple for people that don't understand electronics in the photo below I used the Kemo Water Detector  from e-bay click here Or Do a search on Brocott's own web site type in WATER LEAK DETECTOR MODULE where it says Shop search to your left of the page a little way down from the top of the page.

7). Now you will need some Terminal connecter blocks any DIY shop or electrical shop can supply them or get them on e-bay click here. see photo below.

8). Now you will need a power supply or car battery to power your unit e-bay click here. for power supply. 

9).You will all so need a cell phone opening kit see photo below or you may get one on ebay cheap from time to time. The kit below Contains useful tools designed to assist in the opening and repair of mobile phones especially suited to Nokia and Ericsson and Motorola phones but equally useful when attempting repair on other models click here.


10). You will all so need solder and a soldering iron I used the Maplin Gas Torch Combination Kit see photo below. You can use any soldering iron just get a small tip this kit from Maplin click here or your local electronic shops or stores.

Now on the next page we will look at building the unit.