Welcome to this simple page on protecting your equipment from voltage surges and lighting strikes.

What is a surge it is an increase in voltage significantly above the normal levels, lasting 3 nanoseconds or more (a shorter one is called a spike). They can be caused by the operation of high power electrical appliances, like air conditioners and refrigerators, by faulty wiring, and occasionally by lightning strikes. When a power surge or spike goes through sensitive electrical equipment like a computer, it can cause wires to overheat and components to be damaged. A big surge will destroy a computer, while a series of smaller ones will cause gradual damage, causing the components to wear out faster.

1). On this page we will look at protecting our equipment against the dangers of voltage and lighting surges if you do not have surge protection for lighting strikes you should buy one as soon as possible this will help protect your electrical equipment.

2).You will need to keep in mind the power of lighting if you have ever seen what it can do then you know why you need to protect your equipment from lighting strikes it not only damages equipment but can start fires as well or electrocute you.

3). We will look at the dangers of lighting strikes hitting your TV aerial this is a common cause of house fires say if you are out and your pets are at home then they may not be able to get out of a burning house in time. You don't even need your TV or video, DVD player on or plugged in to start a fire this way.

4). We can help to protect electrical equipment from lighting strikes that can cause fires in homes, offices or where ever electrical devises are by using a simple devise called a surge protector or plug.

5). Please note not all surge plugs or adapters are suitable for absorbing lighting strikes the one in the photo below is suitable the model is the Belkin Surge Pro F623 model. This model sells on Ebay for about 13 Click here. BELKIN 6 WAY SURGE PROTECTOR / MAINS / TV / AV (F623) This model comes with free 30.000 Connected Equipment Insurance.

Please note if the green light is not on saying protected then you have know surge protection it has done its job you will need to buy a new one.

6). This version will absorb lighting strikes from your TV aerial helping to protect your TV set from fire it all so protects your phone line to your home or offices this is good for protecting your computer and modem or DSL or Cable modem. It is all so good as it has 6 sockets protecting your electrical equipment from spikes & surges on the mains.

7). Please note sure protectors like this can protect any type of electrical equipment from spikes or power surges.

8). I know from experience people in my own area that got there TV aerial hit by a lighting strike this started a fire but they where lucky they where watching the TV at the time and the fire was quickly put out.

9). I my self have had my own phone line struck by a lighting strike and seen the electrical arc from the bolt on the line this damaged my surge plug but protected my equipment.

10). Now if you are in a office or don't have any form of out side aerial but have a computer and worry about the phone lines being hit by lighting and destroying all your data and desk top or laptop computer then you can invest in a BELKIN CUB Surge Master plug with phone line protection and it is all so portable see photo below.

You will often find this devise on Ebay click here