Welcome to this page on how to activate a silent panic alarm using a remote control for 20 or 30 meters range fixed to a cell phone with global range to summon help.

Now if you would like to see me activate the silent panic alarm then visit my You Tube page here.

1). Why I set this simple page up is to allow any one that may be in danger to activate a silent alarm signal using nothing more than a simple mains remote control and a little circuit with a cell phone fixed to it.

How the unit works is simple by pressing on a button on the remote control this sends a signal to the mains receiver adapter socket and turns on the power adapter then this powers the mini circuit and switched the contacts over.

This works just like you pressed the button on the cell phone your self but it is done with the remote control when the relay contacts switch over they make the same contact as if you pressed the cell phone button and call the fixed number for help.

Now on the receiving mobile phone it would be good to have the name displayed as help this would indicate an emergency.

2). The simple unit is portable and can be used any where there is mains supply for the receiver the unit will give no indication it has been activated.

3). I have covered the set up on different pages so I won't be covering it here.

4). How to modify the cell phone click here. 

5). You will need one set of Mains operated remote control sockets UK Click here if you live out side the UK then get them from your own country from any electrical store should supply them.

Item image

6). 12 volt power adapter 300MA to power siren any higher Current will be fine as long as it is 12 volt Click here. if you are outside the UK then get the power supply from your own country this is down to the mains voltages and pin out connections.

Item image

7). You will need one 3.5mm socket for the power supply plug to plug the 3.5mm jack plug in to Click here Bits box do ship international.


I have drawn the Schematic below how to build the little circuit.