Welcome to this simple page on turning a cell phone in to a GSM bugging devise using the same idea as I did for the GSM Alarm.

Now if you would like to see the GSM Cell phone calling me back Look on my You Tube Page Click Here.

1). On this page I am going to cover more on security or surveillances as you can see from the photo below I have used my Nokia 6150e mobile phone from my GSM Alarm page this will run from batteries or a power pack. 

All so please note you will need to experiment to get the best results. How to modify a cell phone this is the first part of the setup for this global bugging devise follow this link here: Click here

2). Please keep in mind units that use light to activate them have to be placed in dark areas to stop back ground light activating them as we only want the light from the phones screen to activate the modified phones.

3). When you come to place your bugging devise keep in mind that soft objects absorb sound hard objects reflect sound waves.

4). Also keep in mind that the bug phone will only phone the number locked in the Sim card if this is your main mobile then this is the only phone the bugging device will call to this makes it more secure. 

5). Even if some one got to know the bug phone number or phoned it they would all so have to allow 2 ring and disconnect but they would not hear a thing unless they had your mobile phone as well.

6). In the photo below you can see I have put PVC tape over the screen as well this is to block out any out side light activating the bugging phone.

The bugging devise below has a inbuilt timer so you can have any thing from 1 to 4 rings to activate the devise.

7). Now we will look at a simple kit form Velleman electronic kits of a Light Circuit please note this one you will have to build your self so some electronic skills is needed.. 

Now if you want to see a Bigger photo of the Kid click on the photo above.

You can buy the kit from Maplin Electronics in the UK Click here. Or if you are in the USA  Click here The above photo can help you in the construction of the kit by looking at the components and seeing where they go as well if you are a total beginner. 

When you have built the electronic circuit then all you will need to do is connect the two wires coming from the phone to the relay connect one wire to the contact that says COM & one wire to the NC contact.

8). Now that you have finished your unit you will need to test it go to a dark place and phone your bugged phone after two rings disconnect if you hear the relay switch over and it called you back then you have set this right and it is ready to go.

9). If you ring the bugged phone and it did not switch the relay on turn the red dial and keep trying then you will get to a point it works fine.

10). In the photo above you can see I have used a Nokia 6150e modified cell phone I called the Nokia cell phone and only had to wait for 10 seconds this will depend on the settings you pick for the delay. 

11). The phone called me automatically back and allowed me to listen into the back ground sound. I have avoided any decoder and encoder circuitry in this modification.

Now how the unit works is very simple if you have speed dial or one touch dial set on your mobile phone you will know when you press one button and keep your finger on it for a few seconds it calls the number in memory for that number on your key pad only this is what speed dial or one touch dial is.

In the case of the Bugged phone calling you back it is similar instead of you pressing the button the electronic circuit does it for you when you phone the bugged phone it lights up the screen this passes electric current to the LDR and starts the inbuilt timer.

Now when the timer runs out it switches over making the same contact to the button as if you pressed it your self when you press a button the number comes up how this works is by carbon buttons under the key pad on your mobile phone.

In our case we used a relay to make the same contact to the pads on the circuit board this is why we soldered two wires to the board as the phone calls you back no one can activate the phone and listen in as if they called the bugged phone the signal would all ways go to you every time.

12). I have modified 4 phones like this and use them in my own home. 

13). Keep in mind don't connect a battery if you are running the unit from a mains adapter.