Hello I have had a number of e-mails asking about the use of mobile phones to report wildlife crime and what people can do if they find their mobile phone battery is flat in emergency. 


1). Say your mobile phone battery is flat and you need to call some one in emergency you can buy a devise called the Mo-Go EX55 - Instant Mobile Phone Charger web site.  Click here.

The above bit of kit is excellent for charging a flat battery I used this with my Nokia 3310 mobile phone on a new battery and it allowed me to make phone calls in about 60 seconds of being connected to the bottom of my phone. click here. or try ebay for a similar model.

When technology lets you down and your battery's flat, it's back to the dark ages for the perfect solution. Just plug this magic gizmo into your phone and wind it up for some power! A 3 minute wind will give you about 8 minutes of talk time.

Stay in touch wherever and whenever ahh, the irony of fixing failed modern technology with an ancient solution. Keep one in your car, your briefcase or your handbag and never dread the 'battery low' beep again, and give 'em to your kids so they've got no excuse for radio silence any more! Web Site: Click here

2). You could buy a in-car charger kit for your  mobile phone most Phone shop's will supply them or check out Ebay's site.

Yet another great idea to protect us from our dependence on the electronic world. Losing your mobile, or worse - having it swiped, is annoying enough, but losing all your contacts can be downright catastrophic. This neat gadget is a wonderfully easy to use back-up system for your SIM card. Web Site

Merchant Account to Use Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and e-Check Services

3). Say your mobile phone has no money left on it in a emergency the best way to top up your mobile  phone is with a debit card or credit card  I will tell you how this works with the orange phone net work.  First off  call 450 on your orange mobile phone then follow the voice instructions you are given  this is for Scotland ,England and Wales only.

4). I have had a number of e-mails asking how to unlock the server locks on peoples mobile phones as most of you that have older mobile phones will  know you can not use a different Sim card in your phone.

This is because the network operator  has locked your phones carrier to their network so you have to use the same sim card that was supplied with the phone. If you would like to use your Mobile Phone on different networks and carry more than one Sim card with your phone then this is how to Unlock your phone without disassembling and without data cable's quick and easy! 

We can provide your original "SPECIAL CODE" which you enter into the phone and Unlock the SIM lock of your phone (based on IMEI number and phone model). Enter the code into your phone, you can now use your phone with any operator in the world.  Price: $12 for one phone E: Mail sales@gsm-software.com  Web Site: http://www.gsm-software.com/ .

If you would like to have the server carrier removed from your phone so you can use it on any network take your phone in to the nearest phone or phone store tell them you would like the phone unlocked so you can use it on any network. 

This will work with most phones on the market it is well worth the small out lay and can be very help full if say the network you use is not working at the time you just have to pop in a different Sim card and make the call.

If you get your phone unlocked then it is a good idea to order some Sim cards on different networks say the area you are in has no signal then you can switch the Sim cards over as the next network may be ok or the network you often use is having problems for  Sim cards at low prices check out http://www.ebay.co.uk/ in the search box type in Sim cards you will need to sign up to use the full site.


Mobile Phones: Jargon Explained

There has long been major concern over the risk to our health from the radiation emitted when using mobile phones. Now for the first time ever with this device you will be able to actually see the radiation for yourself. The device is easy to use and requires no batteries. As well as providing a useful indicator of the emission level from your phone web page: http://www.allproducts.com/communication/cai/p12.html  

5). As every one knows  mobile phones give off radiation I would fully recommend you buy  a mobile phone radiation shield for your Own safety I use one my self  with my mobile phone check out http://www.microshield.co.uk. For more independent information on the related published research behind the mobile phone health issue click here & check out Are mobile phones a health hazard  Verdict on mobile phone shields

If you are out and about and it starts to rain or snow and you need to use your mobile phone in emergency how to protect it from the rain or snow is very simple and cheep just get your self some freezer bags. 

You can get them from your local shop this is the way I keep my own phone protected from the elements you could even use it in some parts of the world that have sand storms you can even make and receive calls with the bag left on and your phone is protected for very little money.