Welcome to this page on adding 3.5mm sockets to the 5 Volt USB Emergency back up project, This lets you make your own cables with a plug in 3.5mm plug!!!

Now if you would like to see the video of the devise then click here

Now if you want to build a 12 volt version of the emergency back up power system just add a 12 volt relay in stead of the 5 volt one and make your emergency back up power battery 12 volts.

In the Photo below I have added 3.5mm Sockets this allows us to make our own cables that can be plugged in and out of the back up system!!! 

 Parts List below,

1). Relay the one I used in the  Prototype was a Omron G2R-2 PCB Power Relays 5V - DC Coils - 5A DPCO Contacts. Ebay here UK 

1). 5 mm LED Ebay click here

1). 5 mm led holder Ebay Click here

1). Project box the box I used in the prototype was Plastic Project Box Case 72 x 50 x 26mm Small will take PP3 With lugs 35g 751 | eBay UK

1). Five volt USB Power bank any type will work fine ebay  but some may need adapters. 

2), USB 2,0 Extension cable A Male to A Female High Speed Lead Ebay Click here.

3). 3.5mm Miniature Jack Socket Ebay Click here

3), 3 or how many you need 3.5mm Jack plugs depends on how many cables you want to make CPC Click here.


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