Welcome to this simple page on how to build your own RCD Extension lead, This will protect you from Electrocution if there is a fault with your electrical devise or if you cut the cable by accident.


1). I designed this simple RCD extension lead to add more protection than a normal Extension lead provides, Every thing in this design is very simple to get hold of and all are off the self components.

2). Yes you can get portable RCD's that can be plugged into your extension lead but the nice thing about this design is you will never for get to add the RCD as it is part of your Extension Lead giving you much more protection than a Normal Extension lead provides.

3). Not every one has RCD in there homes to protect them from the dangers of electrocution this lead provides just that by cutting out the mains supply if there is a fault with the electrical or electronic devise fitted to the end of the lead.

4). You can use Orange cable that is on an old garden tool like a trimmer or some thing like that I used back 3 core cable for my own set up as this is what I had at the time of designing this devise.

5). Items you will need are as follows 1 single or double RCD Socket see photo below. Click here or get them from your own Country.



6). 1 single or double RCD Socket back plate see photo below . Click here.

7). 1 small block of wood that the RCD socket can be fixed to, This will keep it in place.

8). Now in the photo below you can see I am using 3 core electrical wire, Remember to use the right size cable for the amount of Wattage you will be using with your own RCD Extension cord.

9). Now in the photo below you can see I have used cable ties to hold the wire down, This adds more support to the Wires and stops them from coming lose in the box.


Now if you have any Problems do e-mail me at Anthony@anthony-dacko.net I am all ways happy to help.



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