Welcome to this page on using a simple remote control to listen in to your premises using a GSM mobile phone in case you think some one has just entered your premises.

You can see the unit call my cell phone when my receiver picks up the signal from my Transmitter on You Tube here.

1). Now why I came up with this simple idea is down to the amount of criminals entering your home in the early hours of the morning, In most cases you may be tempted to see what the sound is in your living room or kitchen.

2)..This simple idea is similar to my modified smoke alarm but we don't modify the remote control in this case.

3). One way you can look at the unit is if you try and stop a criminal in your own home you are the one that will likely get done not the criminal the courts seem to want to help the criminal not the victim of crime.

4). It is often better to lock your self in your room and allow a simple remote control cell phone call you back and use its own microphone to listen in to what is happening in the back ground.

5). This idea keeps you and your family safe from being attacked in your own home your home is not worth your life in my view so to keep the units as simple as I can we will use a remote control & receiver also a modified Cell phone you can modify your self. 

How the unit works is if you hear some thing in your home you can press the button on the remote control and this will activate a cell phone that is fixed to the receiver and call you using the phones own microphone this will let you listen in.

Now if you put the phone some way from the receiver unit using speaker wire this will allow you to monitor your home from your bed room.

I know most criminals go for electrical devises like Video Recorders, TV, DVD Recorders and so on put the receiver on the opposite side of the room using long speaker wire have the cable under your carpet or along the bottom of the wall as near to your items as you can.

Now if you do hear items being moved then you can call the police or security guards that protect your premises with out putting your self in danger of being attacked or even killed.

Now the items you will need to build the project are one Remote control and Receiver unit Here. or similar units in kit form Here

One electrical timer switch so the phones battery will all ways be topped up.

Now one old cell phone must have one touch or speed dial on it to work with this project see ebay for an old mobile that will work like the Nokia 3310 or similar model Click here or visit Ebay in your own country.

Now how to modify the cell phone visit my site here

Now in the photo below you can see the finished unit 

Now all you need do is read the instructions for the remote control and connect the two wires to the receiver 

Now look at the photo above, I have used CH1 to connect my two wires to the unit connect one wire to the terminal marked NO the next wire to the COM terminal click on the photo to see a bigger picture.