Welcome To This Simple Touch Switch GSM Auto Dialer System.









Now if you would like to see the simple GSM Touch Circuit calling out then go to my You Tube page here.


The schematic above is from the Quasar electronics kit touch switch click here the modification below shows how to add a modified mobile phone to the circuit or two mobile phones using a second relay.

 Resister R1 10K Ohms for 5 Seconds switch on and stay on delay then it will switch back over.

In the schematic below you can see how to connect up the circuit to the modified cell phone.


Now in the Schematic below I have designed the circuit to work with two mobile phones.


1). I set this simple page up to show people how they can build a simple Touch Switch that has many use's in the home or out side the system can be very good for security as the copper plate above detected me at 6 feet away.

In a way you could look at the unit as a simple radio wave body detector or a proximity detector.

The plate can be just the wire itself or some thing the wire connects to the bigger the plate or pad the better the distance it will detect some one or animal you will need to experiment with the unit.

2). When the Touch Switch detects you it will make a mobile phone call to your mobile or Land line phone I think a mobile phone will be better.

3). Now you will need to experiment with different metals and sizes to get best results for your application.

4).The above circuit will stay on for 5 seconds this is allowing the one touch dial to turn on and make the call then it will reset back to normal.

5). Now what you need is the little Touch switch circuit kit in kit form or ready built circuit Click here. Quasar electronics do ship international.

6). One Old one Touch dial cell phone cheap one from the phone shop or look on Ebay you will need to get the phone from your own country as this is down to the frequencies the cell phones work on.

7). You will need one 3.5mm Mono socket United Kingdom Click here USA Click here.

8). One 9 or 12 volt power supply Mains or car battery will work fine a PP3 Battery will work but will not last that long look on Ebay in your own country get a regulated one.

Why it is best to get a regulated one is if it says regulated 9 or 12 volts then the out put will be 9 or 12 volts. Now the word regulated means it will be fixed to that voltage and not be higher like if a Unregulated one was used it may have a higher out put than what is on the dial.

9). Now as the cell phone has been covered on the site all ready just copy the modification to do with the cell phone here.

10). Now if you have built your simple electronic circuit or ordered the ready built kit connect your modified cell phone to the NO & C connectors on the back of the unit.

11). Now you will also need to connect a wire to the word plate on the circuit board take some of the covering off and touch it with your finger this should switch the relay over and activate the cell phone so it calls out.

12). Now connect your power supply to the 3.5mm socket this must be a + contact point/ tip on the plug. Please note if you do not know what a + Tip is see photo below.


Positive Tip above or on the adapter it may say positive tip.


Negative Tip below.


Or on the adapter it may say Negative tip.

How it works the end pin is + and the out side part of the plug will be negative - sign.