Welcome to this page on how to allow a Service dog to get help by activating the one touch dial of a cell phone also using a smart phones GPS signal to get the location.

Now if you would like to see the Devise working then visit my You Tube page here.

In the above photo you can see it has 3 LED lights on it 2 are activated every time the cord is pulled by the service dog it helps in location finding by turning on the lights.

The top Led Light in Red won't switch on when the Cord is pulled this is only for charging the rechargeable battery see photo below.

The top Led Light in Red won't switch on when the Cord is pulled this is only for charging the rechargeable battery see photo below.

The middle LED Light comes on every time the cord is pulled from the devise this is a super bright LED White light for helping to show where the sound is coming from.

The last LED light in green is to indicate that the internal relay was activated by glowing green this stops on as long as the relay is still in the on mode, Even if the battery goes low see photo below.

It is what activates the one touch dial on the modified cell phone to make the call after the cord is pulled by the service dog the relay will activate the cell phone and call your mobile this will take about 2 seconds to activate the cell phone after the cord is pulled

In the side view you can see how slim the case is what case you use is up to your.

Now this is the top view of the devise you can see the tug alarm cord and volume control this was a 10K Log type in the photo below.

Now this is the back view of the devise the red sticker is the charging socket of the 3.5mm sockets if you are using a rechargeable battery, The other 3.5mm socket with the green sticker is for the test meter so I can test the battery voltage in stead of opening the case at the back.

1) Now in the three Schematics below I have designed some very effective GSM Tug Alarms when activated with the help of a Modified cell phone will sound a siren and call the number in the cell phone just by allowing a service dog to pull on a cord on the devise.

Now all the parts for the three designs are off the shelf components, I have avoided using any advanced electronics in the designs also the designs can be built at low cost.

2) Once the service dog pulls on the GSM cord this will send a signal to a emergency responder by activating the one touch dial that most cell phones have built in, I am only using older cell phones with push button keys as this is more effective.

3). Now as soon as the Emergency responder gets the call showing up on there own mobile screen the name for the number could be some thing like Seizures or Diabetes or similar, Then they will know it is the service dog that has activated the GSM tug alarm.

4). I have done three schematics below any one with a back ground in electronics should have no problem building the simple designed below.

5). The three designs below can be build for low cost and could even save life's for people living with Epilepsy, Diabetes and so on if they have a service dog that is trained to pull on the simple cord on the device.

6). Now using a smart phone all smart phones have built in lost or stolen tracking apps that tell you the location of the cell phone if it is lost, We can take advantage of the GPS signal as you don't need to loss your phone to use the Tracking GPS apps.

7). Once the service dog activates the GSM tug alarm that will send a signal to the emergency transponder then they will need to know the location of the cell phone so they can look on a Mobile phone, Computer, Tablet with cell phone capabilities or just turn on the Wi-Fi hot spot on a smart phone.

8). Please note I am covering Android smart phones here but any other smart phone will have a app that lets you get the location of the smart phone.
     It could be a (I phone) (Android Phone) (Black Berry phone) (Windows Phone)


9). This is for Android smart phone users first you will need to sign up for a free Gmail account at www.gmail.com after you have signed up go to the down load page on your smart phone down load the free app here.

10). One you have down loaded the free app on to your smart phone go to www.androidlost.com Please keep in Mind the Android Lost page is in BETA test version. Now sign in with your G-mail details then you should get a message on the Android lost site telling you every thing is set up ok see photo below..

11). Now why you are still logged in to the Android lost page click on Control at the top of the page go down to Location click on it this will send a signal from goggle servers to your smart phone, If every thing is working fine with the goggle servers you should get a location GPS goggle map of the location and a accuracy score of the smart phones Location see photo below.

In the photo below I used GPS to find my location but have found that even so it finds my location very quick and well it also Scan's near by Wi-Fi towers as well Accuracy in Meters unlike other GPS devises using a smart phone gives you more control over your devise.


When you get the location you can click on the View Interactive Map on the link to get a better location of the area or see the area using Goggle maps will let you drive, walk, or go by bus with a map giving you directions telling you which way to turn.

The more updated your Smart phone OS the better I used a Samsung Galaxy 5 with Android Lollipop 5.0.1

In the photo below it gives you a very simple map to follow with Directions Or you could opt for the turn right or left option see photo below.

In the photo above you can see how simple the directions are all you have to do is put in your area you are in at the time of Travelling and it works it all out for you are in the right area when travelling see photo below.


Now in the map below I have taken a Satellite view of the area.



Now we will look at the Construction I am only going to give a simple design here as if you want to add more to your own design then you can add it as you go along this saves me adding more to it.

For the tug alarm clip just use a cheap tug alarm clip and connecter from an old tug alarm.

Any old cell phone with push buttons and one touch dial on it like Nokia 1208.

Cell phone opening kit look on Ebay.

Relay can be any 12 volt type that will fit in your case.

Resisters depending on the design you want to build.


Diodes 1N4001.

Electric Drill for drilling the holes.

3.5mm sockets and 3.5mm plugs and cable.

LM 7805 Regulator.

100UF 16 volts.

5 Volt relay.

Plastic case any type you like look on Ebay or your local electronic store or shop

Look for the one with the battery compartment on there web site  http://www.spiratronics.com/

Case use in Prototype can be got from spiratronics spiratronics

Unit 2, Pinnacle Close





United Kingdom

Tug alarm I used in the prototype was this one below not all tug alarms will have the right clip this one can be removed very easy for this project.



Battery clip PP3 type.

Making the round hole in the plastic case use a Cone drill or a hole saw most DIY shops or Ebay.

Now for the sounder I just used a old siren front case as the tug alarm needs to be kept dry see photo below.

Take off the front cover of the siren look for the ones with 4 screws in the front panel.

Now as you can see I have taken off the front panel and will use this for my sounder, You could also use the electronics from the siren if your case allows it.

Now we will look at the Schematics this is just a basic one for the simple design.

Now if your using a 5 Volt relay then use this design below.

Now if your using a 12 volt relay then use this design below.


Now in the Schematic below I have added a double relay to the design if  you want to add the double relay in place of the single relay in both designs then that will work fine.

Now in the Schermatic Diagram below I have added an External out put from the tug alarm so when the Clip is pulled out this can power add on 9 volt devises as well.

Now in the Schematic below I have designed this one the same as above but used a regulator so when the cable is pulled it will allow you to power other devises connected to your tug alarm out put 5 volts or 3 volts depending on what voltage regulator you use.





Now in the photo below once you have opened your cell phone make sure you have one touch dial turned on and the Sim card is set for the number button on your mobile that will call you when the relay closes.

How to modify any one touch/speed dial cell phone below.

Now you have all the things you need to modify your cell phone first we will need to load the mobile number in to the phone make sure you have the ringer set to silent all so one touch answer turned off and one touch dial or speed dial turned on.

It would be best to send the signal to a back-up mobile phone when activated as they have caller display on them.

Now say if you put your own mobile phone number into number 5 and connected the wire's coming from the relay to number five this number locked into the phone will be called as soon as the relay closes within 2 or 3 Seconds.


Now I will open my own cell phone after you have opened yours and taken out the screws you may see some thing like this as you can see from the photo below all phones have copper pads this is where we will solder our two wires from the relay if you have loaded your own mobile number in all from 2 to 9 then any one pads will allow you two connect the wire from number 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 pads.

In the photo above you can see the phone with case off

In the photo above you can see how the phone buttons work the white plastic card is covered with silver buttons this is carbon and is what makes the connection to the pads to put the numbers on your screen we don't need this now.

Now you will need to tin the two wires before you solder them to the circuit board to do this take off the cover from the wires and very carefully solder the two wires this is called tinning we do this so it is much easer to put the two wires on to the pads.

The wire in the photo above has been tined and cut short as I used wire with red and black there is no need to do this speaker wire will work fine.

Now look at the pads you have an inside pad and outside pad solder one wire to the inside pad be careful the inside pad does not touch the out side pad and VS or you will get a short or bridge and you will need to use cleaning tools to try and fix it. .

Now when you come to fix your wires to the pad put one wire in side the pad and using your soldering Iron push down on the wire this will heat the solder so it fixes to the pad do the same with the next bit of wire but connect this to the outside pad.

In the photo above you can see I have soldered the two wires to the in & out side pads of the modified phone in the photo above I used my Nokia phone as this was a better photo than the one I used before.

You may also want to add a little bit of hot melt glue to the bottom of the wires to take some of the stress from the solder contacts see photo below.

Any phone with speed dial will work.

If you need any help please e-mail me at anthony517654@gmail.com

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