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Welcome to this simple page on how you can access the internet on your Mobile Phone or PDAs.

1). First off we all know the benefit of the internet but as more and more people are starting to access the internet on their mobile phones this is a good way to keep up with the latest news from your favoured sites.

2). If you are interested in what WAP stands for it is Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) you can find a lot of information on the net or click on this link here.

3). Now what are the benefits of using a Wap phone some of them are as follows you can access the internet from any where even on the bus or if you are in Towns, Cities or even in your car out in the countryside as long as you can get a signal from a cell phone tower you can access the net.

4). Now if you all ready have a Wap enabled phone then you will be able to access the internet on it. I have covered some of the benefits of WAP and the dangers of it below. 

5). Now you may not be happy with the phones browser you can down load a better browser from Opera for your WAP phone this offers more than the phones own browser and lets you see more of the page your want click here I my self use this version and recommend it to all.

6). The above link to operas web site will all so give you a list of Wap enabled mobile phones for there own browser to work with.

7). Now you may want a faster download to your Wap phone a very good program is On speed this works with computers and WAP mobile phones this will allow your mobile phone to down load information at much faster speeds Click here

8). Now here is the dark side to some mobile phones can they get viruses and so on some models can if your mobile phone is using the Symbian OS system.

You can get a virus or worm or more from down loading games opening attachments in your phones e-mail below are some links of interest.

Game virus bites mobile phones 

First mobile phone virus created

9) All is not lost you can help protect your WAP Phone if it uses the Symbian OS by buying some very good Anit-virus protection for a list click here

10). One way you can help protect your mobile phone or cell phone as some call them is by turning off its inbuilt blue tooth program when not in use don't allow Microsoft attachments like Word if your phone has this built in to open the attachments and so on.

11). I all ways down load to my computer if I know it is from a safe site and nothing sent to me in my e-mail before I connect it to my phone as it would have been scanned for viruses I all so use a number of free on line scanners just to check it out first.

12). Here is a very short video on Smart phone viruses from the BBC web site: Click here