Chaos in the Countryside the secret face of hunting exposed. 

The League Against Cruel Sports has accused the hunting community of bringing cruelty and chaos to the countryside and engaging in widespread violence, harassment and intimidation in order to keep the reality of the sport hidden from the public gaze.

The accusations came as the League launched its new campaign video, 'Chaos in the countryside - the secret face of hunting exposed', a powerful collection of video clips graphically exposing the brutal nature of terrier work, fox, deer, mink and hare hunting as well as footage from inside a hunt kennels, of hare 'netting' for coursing purposes and of 'artificial earths' - man made fox holes designed to encourage foxes for breeding.

The film - containing footage never previously released to the public and media - also includes a disturbing set of sequences illustrating the violence, intimidation and harassment dished out by huntsmen, their 'security' and supporters towards anti-hunt monitors, saboteurs and members of the public...

An ideal resource for journalists, producers, and television researchers seeking to report on the brutal reality of this 'country sport', the film also provides an eye opening introduction to the subject for further and higher education teachers and lecturers, students and campaigners. It is essential material for anyone interested in looking beyond the propaganda and glossy, 'chocolate box' image of hunting so often championed by its chief   proponents...

The League will be using the film to challenge and embarrass those that support hunting... and needs your help to get it circulated and seen.

Copies, with accompanying leaflet, running order, time code and copyright information, are available from the League Press Office in Betacam SP, Mini DV, VHS and CD formats.

To order the full version E-Mail:    

(tel) 0207 403 6155
(fax) 020 7403 4532
(mail) LACS, Sparling House, 83-87 Union Street, London, SE1 1SG

Donations towards the production costs and to help with post and packaging are welcome.



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