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Pets boutiques is a collection of online boutique shops offering an exciting range of pets supplies, pet care and designer pet wear from the best international designers plus a mix of exclusive and exceptional high-grade products, and all at low internet prices with a fast home delivery service. So if you're looking for good quality pet supplies,

The Brooke Animal Charity

Secret World Wildlife Rescure.

Garry The Fox

K9 Superstarz Professional Dog Training, Helping Paws Service Dog Training

Here at Jeremy's Wildlife site you can see all sorts of British wildlife, He also has a chat form on his site as well.

Welcome to
The Hedgehog Welfare Society!

Fox website aims to educate public and media about foxes. Frustration over media and some public attitudes to foxes is what lies behind a new website packed with scientifically-based, no-punches-pulled facts

Birdwatching information, gallery, and daily photo reports from the  Forest of Dean in Gloucester shire , England maintained by and for disabled and housebound birdwatchers

Ban Hare Coursing Website, Which highlights the barbarity of the blood sport of live hare coursing in Ireland, the campaign to have hares (better known as jack rabbits in North America) protected from this cruelty, and my book that promotes this campaign in addition to encouraging animal protection campaigners worldwide in their own endeavors.  

APAM Animal Protection Association from Minis, Arad is a non-profit organization - financed from donations and sponsorships - which deals with providing shelter to foster abandoned animals.

Animal Abusers Spotlight

School in Lithuania is looking for pen pals to talk about Animals and  Environmental  issues.

Welcome to this new page on how to Convert your Camcorder or VCR footage to your computer.

How to use Nero 7 to copy your Digital video files to DVD disc and with simple photos.

Radio scanning, badger digging hare coursing & the police what you should know.

 Do You Send E-mails out then why not start tagging them

Reporting wildlife crimes using a Digital Camera and how this can help in the fight against wildlife crimes.


Discover interesting Bird cages related articles, facts and resources here.

The Wildlife Conservation Society saves wildlife and wild lands through careful science, international conservation,

Grey Squirrels In recent months we have seen a build up of orchestrated hate being directed at grey squirrels by a number of NGOs and conservation organisations in 
order to gain public support for an agenda of killing these friendly, amusing and relatively harmless animals.

Wildlife Alive Celebrating Nature & Uniting Anti-Hunters From Coast To Coast

AMUR  Conservation of Russian Amur tigers and leopards a web directory with homepage thumbnails cool site.

The Cove


Chris Gale's Weblog

Foundation "Future for animals"


Here you can find litter and breeding announcements If your dog has puppies or wins a competition - advertise with us! 

Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA) is a registered charity actively working on animal welfare issues in Lebanon. See how you can help.


 I am trying to set up a horse-lovers community, which, hopefully will organically grow. Horses  Where Horse Lovers Talk!

The French and International Association for the Protection of Animals (ARIA)

Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA) is a broad-based campaign to end the cruel, unnecessary "sports" of fox, deer, hare and mink hunting with dogs$ok=2 

This site has been launched by the League Against Cruel Sports to expose companies promoting, endorsing, participating in or in any way profiting from cruelty to animals in the name of 'sport'

The Bat Conservation Trust is the only national organisation solely devoted to the conservation of bats and their habitats in the UK.

The Irish hare initiative - a 'think tank' to contribute to hare conservation and to offer an Irish hare information resource to groups and individuals.

Want to help the environment and at the same time cut down on the amount of junk mail you get in the post now you can and it's free this will benefit wildlife as well.

We are an independent website that aims to help internet users to reach information on UK wildlife and other environmental themes.


NFBG Enhancing the welfare and conservation of badgers in Britain

(Backing your mobile phone up in a emergency and mobile phone safety)

British Brown Hare Preservation Society website



Animals in mind.


ARGOS Animal Welfare Society

Cheshire Wildlife Trust Not

Anti-bullfighting site by ICAB

Kenneth's Animal Rights pages very good site.

New site which is a new vegan database site.

John Bryant Animal Welfare Consultant Specialising in the humane urban Wildlife deterrence.

SAFARI, a site for anyone interested in the wildlife and countryside of Britain.

Make your rubbish animal-friendly Think before you throw away! well worth a look information by spot the fox Ireland.

Welcome to international Animal Rescue. We are a worldwide animal rescue and rehabilitation organisation.

Visit Dave's Page on Foxes he has video to show the real side to foxes totally fascinating

Laurens Studios makers of Wooden Wildlife Puzzles a fascinating site for every one.

Earthwatch engages people worldwide in scientific field research
and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.

Dogs Directory Description: dogs related news, books and web resources.

CAFT Coalition to abolish the fur trade.

FACCE fights against cruelty to all animals.

Irish animals on the web has every thing to do with animals.



In Britain an estimated five million wild birds and other animals are injured or disabled in some way .

kill-hunting Conservation charities are killing wildlife to protect their own interests.

Woodland wildlife protection a campaign to protect woodland wildlife.

Advocates for animals is helping to ban hunting & more.

The uk pet-search lost & found pets page

Zurich Animal Protection society.   

Visit the 

NFWS continues to lead the way forward in eliminating Sarcoptic mange in foxes across the UK.

Backing your mobile phone up in a emergency and mobile phone safety

More excellent web sites can be found here on my link's page

Problems that can cause suffering to our wildlife in our gardens

Reporting wildlife crimes using a Digital Camera and how this can help in the fight against wildlife crimes.

Want to help the environment and cut down on the junk mail you get in your letter box you can and it's free here. - combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory



ALF Home Page

In English below

Dr Hadwen Trust is funding non-animal research into major health problems such as cancer, heart disease, meningitis and Alzheimer's disease.

HLS& video evidence to show the true cost to Animals in side HLS.

Barry Horn the man/Barry the animal liberation activist


Stop Huntingdon Animal cruelty.

SPEAK - The Voice For the Animals 

The Animal liberation net.


Harmful if swallowed

Diaries of Despair



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I would like to say a big thank you to every one that has sent me e-mail, signed my guest book and sent Faxes to me. I would like if you can visit as many of the excellent sites on my web page as every one is working hard for Animals.

I would like to thank  Laurie a good friend from New Mexico for locating the back ground tune's  for my site  you can visit Laurie's  fantastic  site at Alamo 5 for Midi files and much  more thank you.

About me I am a member of the Following: RSPCA, LACS, HSA, NFWS, PDSA , BUAV.  &

 Northumberland National Park.

If you are like me and love the countryside and walking then visit the Ramblers Association.  I can Highly Recommend: