How to stop foxes taking new born sick or dead lambs.

I often get asked how can farmers and small holders stop foxes taking new born lambs this is not as hard to answer as you may think.

What I have said to a lot of people is to build a permanent holding  pen or pens for the pregnant ewes so before they have their lambs they can be put in the holding pen this will have to be big or small depending on the amount of pregnant ewes you have. 

There is no need to put the Ram in with the pregnant ewes as the ewes can take good care of their new born lambs ok but like every thing in life if there is a problem the farmer will see this sooner than if he/she had to go around the field looking for lost lambs or dead ones that would attract foxes as the ewes are protected from foxes in side the electrified fence or netting their is no need to allow hunting on your land which is a total waste of time to start with you don't even need to shoot foxes.

 I would like to say more & more farmers are seeing the best way is the most humane way a bit of intelligent thinking now will save you a lot of money in the long run and both sides are happy. 

It would be best if this was electrified around as this will stop the foxes from getting in as you will know if a fox can get in then this is your fault not the foxes, as you have not secured it good enough as the cost of electric fences is not that dear and if you use electric netting this can be made bigger or smaller as you like.

If you do like this idea this will save you a lot of money in the long run your ewes are protected by an electric fence and the new lambs are as well, only let the new born lambs in the field when they get bigger so they  are more of a match for the fox. The pen can start from say 200 foot wide by 200 foot long depending on how many pregnant ewes  you have.

How to stop Foxes taking small animals or Birds with out hunting with dogs, shooting or snaring and it works 100%

I have been informed many times that foxes kill sheep and lambs let us look at sheep first you will often hear that foxes kill sheep well no I have not come across one yet what I have seen many times are people out in the middle of the night  with domestic dogs like grey hounds fast running dogs hunting rabbits, hares, foxes with a  power full lamp they have no permission to go on the land to hunt this is trespassing . 

If the farmer sees them he has a right to shoot their dog if it is running after his sheep as this is a bigger killer of Farm animals like sheep and lambs than a fox is a fully grown  sheep is to much a match for a fox.

As for the lambs there first few days are the hardest to deal with like most will be still born or died from starvation or disease or the weather conditions.  As the fox is a scavenger they will look for easy food and will not put up a fight.

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