This is just a small amount of glossary of relevant Hunting terms. 

Today's hunt saboteurs are advised to acquaint themselves with the hunt's terminology for the fox - which was named after the Whig Charles James Fox - so that they can successfully infiltrate the hunt's following.

Anti - Derogatory term for hunt saboteur, generally only used by hunting people.

Awa - The Fox is in the open and/or hounds are on the line.

Account for - To kill or put a fox to ground.

Babbler - A bad fault in a hound, A noisy hound that gives tongue freely to all sorts scents.

Bagman - A fox released from a sack, box or similar when required for a hunt.

Blank - Failure to find a fox in a covert is to draw blank. Failure to find a fox all day is to have a blank day or  A huntsman and pack draw a blank when they fail to put up a quarry from the area in which they were searching. Thus a covert can be said to be blank.

Blind Country - Terrain so over grown that jumps and footing can't be gauged.

Blooded - Hound or follower after their first kill. Applying a touch of fox blood to the fore head is no longer allowed due to rabies concern.

Boo Hoo - When a hound is lost or frustrated and sings out.

Brace - Two game animals.

Burning Scent - Scent so hot and strong that hounds tear along the line without hesitation. 

Billett - Fox droppings or better known as a Scat here in the United Kingdom or if you like it can be a Countryside-Alliance press article.

Bye Day - An additional hunting day not on the fixture card.

Break up - (of hounds) To eat the fox.

Bolt - A fox is bolted when terrier men chase it out of the one remaining exit from an earth using terriers, before it is hunted again.

Bowled over - Hunting euphemism for the killing of a fox.

Brace - Two foxes, hares or game birds.

Brought to Book - Hunting euphemism for the killing of a fox.  Also known as Bowled Over, Rolled Over, Accounted For, Punished, Dealt With.

Buck - A male hare, or a male roe or fallow deer.

Balled up - A coursed hare has balled up feet when they are clay clogged.

Biddable - Hounds are said to be biddable when they are at their most responsive, that is, after they have just checked.

Burst - Hounds get away quickly on to a fox.

Chop - To Kill the quarry before that quarry has provided a run.

Couple - A pair of hounds. A pack is counted in couples.

Covert - (Pronounced cover) Woodland, gorse or thicket where the quarry may lie for shelter.

Check - Hounds temporarily lose the line on a run. Followers stay quiet.

Cheer - Huntsman's encouragement to hounds.

Cap - A donation on the day of the meet towards the upkeep of the hounds, or maybe a special collection for broken fences or B.F.S.S./N.C.H. etc.

Check - To stop and sniff about for the scent.

Cast - When hounds search for a lost line. The Huntsman may take charge of the pack and help them, or hounds may cast themselves.

Challenges It  - When a hound first speaks to a line.

Cold Line - Faint scent due to time or conditions.

Counter - Hounds on the line, but going in the opposite direction. Also, heel line.

Country - The Hunt's general territory as registered with the MFHA. All so see Hunt country. 

Cur Dog - Canine not from the pack.

Cast - A huntsman is said to be casting his hounds when he encourages them to spread out and search for the quarry or the line of the quarry.

Charles James - Hunting term for a fox, after the eighteenth century politician Charles James Fox. Also known as Charlie, and Todd (Mr).

Charlie - Hunting term for a fox. Also known as Charles James and Todd (Mr).  

Given best- is when the fox is allowed to escape.

Crook necked - A hunted animal that habitually jinks.

Cubing or Cub hunting - The period immediately preceding foxhunting, when fox cubs are hunted.

Dig Out - A dig out occurs when a fox has gone to ground and terrier men are called to block all the exits, locate the fox with terriers, and then dig it out and kill it.

Doe - A female  roe or fallow deer, or a female hare. See also Puss.

Drag - Scent left by a hare or mink.

Drag Hunt - Drag Hunts conform in every respect with fox hunts, except that the hounds follow an artificially laid line of scent instead of that of a hunted animal.

Draw a blank - To draw a covert without finding a fox.

Draw - The act of encouraging the hounds through a covert in search of a quarry.  

Den Bark - Peculiar cry of hounds at an earth having put a fox to ground.

Dwell - The tendency of a hound to hunt without going forward. Lack of drive.

Drive - The urge of a hound to get forward

Drawing - The act of encouraging the hounds through the wood to search for the quarry.

DRAW - the act of the hounds seeing a fox.

Den Dog - Hound particularly keen on worrying an earth and with a peculiar cry.

Draft Hound - Hound removed from its regular pack.

Drafted out - Hound given to new hunt could hunt in the UK or out side of it.

Eye to Hounds - Watching hounds and listening, to be able to tell what the fox has done and about what they are gong to do.

Early Cubbing - Informal cub hunting prior to open cubbing. Participation is by invitation of a Master.

Earth - An earth is any underground hollow in which a fox may take refuge It can be a rabbit warren, badger. set, or even a drain.

ENTER - to teach the young hounds to hunt.

Feathering - A hound indicates, other than by giving tongue, that it's hunting a line; a waving stern. Uncertain.

FEATHER - is when the hound waves it's tail (stern) if doubtful of a scent.

Forrard - Forward.

Fixture - Time and place of a meet. Also, a regular location for a meet.

Fixture Card - Card sent to members and individuals invited to hunt. Lists dates, places, and times of meets.

Flighty - Undependable or changeable hounds or scent.

Foil - A smell that obliterates or disguises a fox's scent trail.

Fresh Line - Newly-laid scent trail.

Field - Collective term for mounted hunt followers.

Foil - scent is foiled if it is spoilt for some reason, for instance if the quarry cross the line of other animals, a stream, or strong smelling fertiliser.

Gone Away - Fox has left the covert, the chase is on.

Gone to ground - When the fox escapes into an earth from the hounds.

Give best - To let the quarry escape, possibly to be hunted another day.

Holla - (pronounced holler) A loud high scream given when the quarry is viewed.

Hunt country- Each hunt has its own defined territory, regulated by the M.F.H.A. If the hunted fox crosses into another hunt's country, the hounds may be taken off the scent and the fox "given best" (allowed to escape.

NCH - National Campaign for Hunting - sub-group of the BFSS.

Hunt Saboteur- people that go out with the hunt and help the hunted animal get away and disrupted the hunt by using non violent tactics.

It is often said Saboteur's are violent people this is only said by the hunt's it is the hunts & their staff or the hunt supporters that are violent see my page on Chaos in the Countryside the secret world of hunting exposed. 

Hunting the clean Boot - Bloodhound packs hunt the trail of human quarries. The sport is known as 'hunting the clean boot'

Hark - Quiet down and listen.

Heel Line - Hounds on the line, but going in the opposite direction. Also, counter.

Head a Fox - To turn a fox from its own route. Bad result of riders away from the field

Hunt Ball - Hunt Balls raise money for the hunt's) concerned. Hunt officials wear 'special occasion' hunt dress.

Halloo - (holler) Huntsman's or staff's holler that the fox was viewed. Also, Hollar, View Hallo.

Headed to Death - Fox unfairly killed by being headed.

Huntsman - Individual who hunts with hounds.

In blood - Hounds that have recently Killed.

Jink - A sharp, almost right angled turn by a hunted animal, made to throw off its pursuers. See also straight and crook necked, and left and right handed.

Joint Masters - Two or more Masters who share responsibilities for hunt operations in one hunting club.

Kill the -  When the hunted fox is killed by the hounds.

Kick on - You may get this response when you make way for a Master or Huntsman at a gate or jump. It means you don't have to wait for him/her and should carry on.

Loose Horse - Shouted when someone has fallen off and the horse is running away.

Lead Hound - The hound up front while the pack is on a line.

Law - In coursing the start given to the hare before the greyhounds are released. In foxhunting the start given to a bolt fox before the hounds are released.

Lift - To pick hounds up while hunting and move them forward on the line

Law - A fox is said to be given law when it is allowed a 'fair chance' to run after being bolted, before hounds. are laid on.

Left handed - A hunted animal that habitually jinks to the left is said to be left handed. See also right handed.

Line - is said to be the Fox's scent trail, his route across the ground.

Lieu In - Enter this covert and hunt.

Mark - When hounds bay at the earth or drain in which a hunted fox has sought refuge or MARK a place where the fox has hidden.

MOB - to surround or gallop down the fox before it has had chance to escape.

MUSIC - the cry of hounds when hunting.

Mask - Hunting term for a dead fox or hare's head.

Meet - The meet is where all the hunt and followers collect before a day's hunting. It can be a pub, village green, crossroads, or other suitably accessible place.  

Meet Card - A list of meets is drawn up before the season starts and is distributed to all subscribers. The hunt follows a similar list each season, but much relies on crop rotation and fox distribution.

Noisy - A babbler, a mouthy hound.

Open - A hound first gives tongue on a line

Override - Hounds to Override especially at a check or to get in front of a Field Master during a run. Both are bad manners.

Overrun - Hounds shoot past a change in the line of scent.

Own the Line - A hound speaks to or honors a line.

Own - Hounds are said to own the line when they pick up a scent.

Pack - All the hounds owned by the Hunt. Also, the group of hounds taken to hunt on a given day.

Putting to - The blocking of earths in an area into which hunted foxes might run, possibly a radius of five or six miles from the meet. 

Point - The distance run by hounds on the scent of a fox before checking.

Pads - Hunting term for a dead fox's paws.

Point Rider - A whippier-in or member of the field positioned at a strategic point on the edge of a covert to alert the huntsman if the quarry breaks.

Point-to-Point - A large part of the hunt revenue comes from these events. The programme is organised and run by the hunt, in conjunction with the jockey club, and entries come from riders both inside and outside the hunt. It is a one-day social event, usually taking place in early summer. 

Most hunts have a permanent course which they may share with another hunt to cut down costs. The race itself takes place over brush hurdles.

Pack Sense - Hounds working well as a group, honoring each other, running in mass

Pipe - hole in an earth.

Quarry - The hunted animal.

Red Ribbon - Worn on the tale of a known kicker. These horses should be kept at the back of the field until they become educated and no longer need to wear a ribbon.

Raised Cap - marks the direction of a viewed fox.

Ringing Fox - One which runs in a circle never very far from where it was found. A ringer.

Rate - A warning cry to warn or punish hounds or sometimes staff.

Riot - Hounds riot when they hunt any animal other than their proper quarry.

Riotous - Undisciplined hounds which persist in riot.

Rising Scent - When scenting is poor at ground level but scent is detectable at riders' height.

Scent - The distinctive musky odor a fox left on the ground,

Sculk - A group of foxes.

Scarlet - This, rather than pink, is the correct term for the red hunting coat.

Skirter - A bad fault. The hound does not follow the exact line of the quarry but instead cuts corners.

Stern - The tail of a hound.

Stopping out - The blocking of all earths used by foxes where the hounds are likely to draw. 

Trencher-fed - Term used for hounds that are not looked after as a pack but rather cared for by individuals and brought together to form a pack on hunting days.

GIVING TONGUE - the hound crying/barking/speaking.

Given best - A fox is given best when it is allowed to escape, probably to be hunted on another day.

KENNEL - the fox's bed when above ground.

OWN THE LINE - to get onto a fox's trail.

RATE - to scold a hound.

RINGING - the fox running in a circle, usually around the perimeter of it's territory.

SINKING - the tiring of a fox.

SPEAK - sound made by a hound on picking up a scent.

Strike - To find the scent of a fox.

Staff Please -  make way for the hunt staff.

Stained - A line fouled by other animals.

Stale Line - Weak scent line due to elapsed time.

Staying Power - Stamina or endurance.

Stirrup Cup - Libation served to mounted followers before they move off you will often see this at hunt meets.

Taiaut - the huntsman's cry when the stag had gone away, was anglicised as tally-ho.

Tally Ho Wagon - Vehicle with unmounted followers and refreshments aboard.

Trail Clearing - When new trails are hacked or old trails improved during the off-season.

Uniform - Attire for members of the field.

View - To see (or sight of) the fox, making sure that it is a fox.

Whip-In - To act as a Whipper-In.

Whipper-In - Staff who assists the huntsman with hounds, usually going out ahead to watch for a fox going away or to keep hounds off a highway.

Work a Line - Search for the scent and follow it along the fox's track.

Young Entry - Young hounds and young riders hunting for the first time.

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