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Please note Baily's Hunting Directory for 2014 is available on line now.

(Hello hound what's up I have lost the pack what's new & I have lost the fox)


Please note Baily's Hunting Directory for 2014 is now available On line Click here.

Thank you for visiting this part of my web site so you need the names of hunting people in your area telephone numbers addresses Hunts, including their countries, histories, and Former Masters, of Foxhounds, Harriers, Beagles, Basset Hounds, Mink Hounds, Staghounds, Drag hounds, and Bloodhounds, in Great Britain and Ireland, Hunts of America, Europe, the Commonwealth, India and Africa, and a  lot more then you need the following for Information only. 

Widely recognised as the only truly comprehensive source of information on hunts and hunting worldwide, Baily's Hunting Directory is better than ever.

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This is just a small amount of glossary of relevant Hunting terms

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