Welcome to this page on Modifying a 12 to 110 or 240 Volt Inverter to turn on with a Cell Phone, Ham Radio DTMF Tones.

Now if you would like to see the devise turned on by Cell phone then view my You Tube Video here.


1). I designed this to allow any form of DTMF Encoder to turn on any 12 to 110 or 240 Volts Inverter from any were in the world in an emergency. This has the benefit of being able to switch on the Inverter even if you are thousands of miles or kilometres away or in a different Country.

2). It also has the benefit of keeping you safe and not needing you to travel to switch it on manually or if you are in a dangerous area where Animals may be a danger to you. It is also useful in a storm if the roads or bridges have been destroyed you can still switch it on, Or say flooding has blocked your path to get to the devise.

3). All of the Components are off the shelf the MT8870 DTMF Decoder chip can be got from Ebay Click here  The Xtal Crystal is 3.579545 MHZ. You can get them from Ebay Click Here. The Relay used is a 12 Volt Double Pole 10 Amp Relay.

4). The Cell phone used in this project was a Nokia 1208 or a Nokia 1100 should work fine any phone with Automatic Answer should work.

5). In the above design you don't need to program the Chip this is just a one Channel Global DTMF Remote by Cell Phone or what ever devise can send DTMF Tones.

5). All you have to do is phone the Cell Phone and when it auto Answers the incoming call on your phones key pad press * for on   # for off.

6). Now if you want to build a DTMF Global remote control for your Power Inverter and want to have some security like a 4 pin code then visit my site here. Or go here. Any thing that has a Relay out put can be connected to any Power Inverter as it is only by passing the normal on off switch.


4). Now as we want to add more power to the DTMF to let it run longer all we need to do is get the biggest 12 Volt battery with the highest mAh Current you can afford it is the same with the Inverter.

5). In the photo below you can see how to add more batteries to the Inverter and the DTMF Decoder.




6). Please note if you have any problems then I am all ways happy to help just email me at Anthony@anthony-dacko.net