Welcome to this simple page on how to design a very simple 20 meter range or more UHF Radio link that will be working on the Frequency of 433.92MHZ.

Now if you would like to see the simple UHF radio link working then visit my you tube page here

1). Why I have designed this simple UHF radio link is down to the cost of ready built units this unit will be very simple to set up and build I have given all the instructions on how to get the parts and how to set it up to give you a working project.

2). In the photo above you can see I have used my simple LED or 1.4 Volt design in this design as well as this keeps the cost way down and helps people build a very effective UHF radio link to control any thing with the relay as long as you do not go over the maximum current of the relay contacts. 

3). Now why I used the Frequency of 433.92MHZ is down to this being allowed in the EU and America for short range remote control so this unit can be used in the USA as well. 

4). Now we will look at the parts for the project the first thing is if you live in the UK United Kingdom you can get the 3 Receiver mains switches and 1 Transmitter from ASDA this will cost 15.00 Only.

5). When you go to ASDA look at the electrical Section look for a box that looks like this one in the photo below.

The 3 Remote Controlled Sockets should cost no more than 15.00 from ASDA.

6). You will need to build this simple Switch below all parts should not be a problem to get hold of look on e-bay in your own country or your local electronic catalogue or shops.

8). Here is the simple LED powering our 12 Volt relay Schematic below you will need to build this first.

9). Now we will start to take the mains remote control apart and start to solder our wires up and how to set it all up and what you will need to do to get your unit working Click here.