Welcome to this simple page on turning a simple radio link for a few hundred feed to being able to turn on the Transmitter from any where in the world.

I have uploaded the video of the unit working onto my You Tube site click here.

When you view the video you will see that I have used my hand to block out the back ground light when the unit is put in a dark Place the unit will only turn on when the phone light comes on by ringing it. This simple idea should work with near every mobile phone on the market today.

The idea lets people use a simple radio link this is just a transmitter and receiver unit but to extend the range of the transmitting signal from a few hundreds feet to being able to turn on the transmitter by remote control just using the light from a cell phone.

The transmitter still needs to be with in range of the receiver but to be able to switch the transmitter on from thousands of miles away we can use a cell phone and a little electronic circuit called a light circuit this circuit responds to light levels.

How the unit works is simple we fix our little light circuit to the top of our phone and as soon as I make a call to the cell phone with the light circuit on top the phones own light comes on.

Now the light circuit detects the light using a LDR Light dependent Resister this passes current to our relay and at the same time powers our transmitter so turning on the receivers own channels in the video I have not connects any thing to the receiver but any electrical device can be used.

On the video you will see that when the transmitter light comes on it activates the LED light on the receiver this would turn on or off any electrical devise that used the Receivers own CH1 or CH2 NO normally open connections. NC Normally closed connections.

Now let us look at the unit this way if I connected a table light to the receivers CH2 connections and fixed the cable to the NO connection and phoned the cell phone this would turn on the transmitter and switch the receiver from a NO to a NC connection this would now turn on the light for us.

All so I used a simple Digital camera this is why some of the videos are not as good as I would want them to be now when you watch the video look at the receiver CH 2  the L.E.D will flash as I take my hand away from the cell phone you will see the Light on the transmitter come on as soon as I put my hand back over the phone the transmitter will switch off.

1). I want this idea to be as simple as possible for people that do electronics and for people that don't in this simple design I have avoided modifying the cell phone this time but will be designing a more secure one later on with the help of a simple DTMF decoder unit.

2) This design will work like the bugging devise but it will not call you back how the unit will work is when you call the mobile phone the light will come on and activate a small electronic light circuit that will power a simple radio link Transmitter similar to my smoke alarm design.

3). I would not recommend this idea used in a security situation the second version I will be building will be more advanced than this one and more secure.

4). Now we will look at the items you will need to construct this simple radio link that will let you use your mobile or Line line phone to activate the transmitter from any where in the world.

5). You will need one mobile phone I recommend a Nokia 3310 ebay click here or any mobile phone that when called the light stays one for a few seconds to power the transmitter.

6). One small light circuit kit order code 3079A Quasar electronics click here This can be got in electronic kit form or ready assembled and tested.

7). One new Sim card for your mobile phone click here  this is down to making it a little more secure as mobile phone numbers have 11 digits and your friends will not know the number so can not activate your unit. 

Also inform the operator you don't want any text from them as the Sim card is used in a security system. All so inform the operator you want to be ex-directory you don't want your number in the phone book they will do this for you.

8). One radio link in electronic kit form order code K8059 Quasar electronics Click here or assembled one order code VM109 Click here. The receiver unit can be used with a car battery for portable use or the mains electricity you will need to buy a mains adapter.

9). One PP3 Battery clip any electronic shops or stores all so Click here or 12 Volt wall adaptor you will need to get that in your own country as this is down to the voltage used.

10 ). One Lithium PP3 Battery your local shops or click here I recommend Lithium as they have a long life span.

11). One simple light kit from Quasar electronics Order code in kit form or assembled Click here.

Now on the next page we will go about putting every thing together and test the units out.