Welcome to this updated version of my popular GSM monitored alarm add on here we will add a security message as well.

Now like every thing I design I upload the video of the device working on to my You Tube site click here.

Please note if you would like to see a bigger photo then click on the one above.

1). In the first version I modified a cell phone to make a call when a security system was activated in this version I will be showing you how to add voice to the cell phone so now you will also get a message.

2). This idea was down to me getting a e-mail asking is it possible to add voice to the cell phone like a recording of some one informing you of your security system has just been activated.

This is helpful if the signal is going to a land line or monitored alarm company or cell phone they will hear the message from the GSM telling them that there security system has just been activated with a security message. 

Unlike professional units that only allow you to record your voice for 10 or 20 seconds my version will let you record your voice for up to any thing from a few seconds to 30 minutes or more this gives lots of time to add more key holder numbers and contact people.

Now unlike professional security systems that do use the GSM network, I have given a link on how to add two phones to the unit this is good if one cell phone network is down you have a back up one as well that will play the same message remember to use a different Sim card in the second phone.

3). I will not cover modifying a cell phone here as I have already done this check this out here: http://www.anthony-dacko.net/Cell-phone-system.htm You do not need the little green circuit board for this idea, Just modify the cell phone and add the number you want the phone to call.


4). First off get your self a Magnetic Cassette Recorder see photos above or you could just use a transistor radio one with recorder built in for this project. 

5). Next get your self a microphone so you can fix this to your computer this is just to record your security message using Microsoft's Sound Recorder, To get to Sound recorder you will need Windows XP home or professional or Windows 98 on your computer.

6). Now you may ask why use Sound recorder on the computer when you have a Cassette Recorder simple we want to record the message in sound recorder then play the message in Windows Media Player. 

This will allow us to use all the tape on the cassette with the same message very helpful if you missed the start of the message or if the cell phone had to redial the number again.

7). Now how to get Sound Recorder from your computer Click Start at the left hand side of your screen at the bottom go to All Programs then Click on Accessories then Click on Entertainment then Click on Sound recorder see photo below.

8). Now that you have Sound recorder on your screen plug in your microphone in to your computer and click on the Red button and start to record your security message, This could be the security system at your address have been activated.

9). In the case of a signal going to a professional security monitoring company you could put this as the Security System at your address has just been activate please contact the key holder on this number.

10). Now after you have recorded your security message click on file at the top of sound recorder see photo below.

11). Now click on save you will get a box at the top of the box it will say save in go across the top of the box and click on the arrow pointing down and click on desk top then click on Save. Now you should have the sound recorder file on your desk top.

12). Now click on Start at the bottom left of your screen and click on all programs click on accessories click on Entertainment then click on Windows Media player if the Icon is not there then look down the list or down load the program from here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/11/default.aspx 

13). Now after you have Open WMP click on Play at the top of WMP and go down the list click on repeat.


14). Now close WMP and go back to your desk top first turn on your computer speakers and press record on your cassette keep the cassette microphone as near to your speakers as possible.

15). Now click on your sound file that you saved to the desk top and go out of the room this will repeat the same message on the magnetic tape over and over again till the tape is finished.

16). This simple idea is very good if they missed the start of the message it will keep playing the same security message over and over till they disconnect the call from there end.

17). The idea is all so very good if the phone your security system was calling was busy the cell phone would redial the number and the same message would be still playing for some 30 Min or till they disconnect the call after hearing the message.

Please also note the cell phone must be on all the time and that the cassette player has it's play button pushed down also have Automatic redial turned on your phone..

18). Now we will look at the electronics this is very simple indeed even people with out a back ground in electronics can do this project Click here: