Welcome to this updated version of my popular GSM monitored alarm add on here we will add a radio link from the alarm control panel.

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1) I would like to follow on from my GSM security alarm add on message system and show you how you can add a mini transmitter in side your alarm panel.

2). I will use the same design as I did for my security system add on message system but instead of using a long bell wire from the control panel, I will use a radio link the receiver will be fixed to the message system and the transmitter will be put in side the alarm control panel.

3) The set up is very simple this is just a modification and will allow a radio signal to activate the security system add on and it will also close the relay and turn on the cassette and cell phone at the same time.

4). Depending on your Receiver used you will need to connect the two black wires to the receivers Ch1 connect one black wire from the white relay bell wire to the NO connection terminal and the second black wire from the battery clip to the COM terminal.

5). Now connect the red wire coming from the white relay bell wire to the battery red wire and twist them together and use a connecter block like in the photo above.

6). In the photo below you can see my mini transmitter for the receiver the this is the on/of button.

Now put some thing over the on/off button to have it hold down all the time and put some PVC tape to keep it flat.

You can solder a wire to the back of the on/off button like I did in the photo below.

6). Now turn the transmitter back over and where the battery spring is solder a black wire there and solder a red wire to the opposed connection.

Now when you have soldered both wires go to your alarm panel and connect the black wire to the bell out put marked - or bell - in the case of the red wire connect this to the bell out put marked + or bell +.

Now how the unit works is simple the power that goes to your alarm bell or siren will also power the mini Transmitter as the power from the Control unit is 12Volts the mini Transmitter also needs 12 Volts to send the signal.

The transmitter and receiver used are the VM109 - 2-Channel RF Remote Control Set Order them from: http://www.quasarelectronics.com/velleman/vm109-2-channel-rf-remote-control-module-set.htm 

You can get them in kit form as well order here: K8057 - 2-Channel RF Remote Receiver With Random Code Kit http://www.quasarelectronics.com/velleman/k8057-2-channel-rf-remote-receiver-random-code-kit.htm