Welcome to this very simple Humane mouse trap GSM transmitter that will call you by cell phone when a mouse Enters in to your trap.


If You would like to see me testing the GSM Mouse trap informing me by cell phone that I have a mouse in the trap then view my You Tube video here.

The photo below shows a mouse in the humane trap unharmed.

In the photo below you can see me letting the mouse go in a area it will not be a problem for people.

In the video below you can see the mouse being released with out harm and running away.

Click on the play button on the flv player below.

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1). Why I designed this simple but effective GSM mouse trap notifying devise is down to not wanting to kill mice in a spring trap, More and more people are wanting to catch mice and let them go in a area that will not be a problem to people.

2). Benefits of the devise are No springs or poison - Child and pet safe, Easy to clean, Reuse hundreds of times also you get a cell phone call when the mouse is in the trap automatically .

To buy this Humane trap it can be got from Ebay look for The big Cheese Humane mouse trap.

You can also order it from here: Click here.

This is the big Cheese humane mouse trap catcher it is all so very cheap to buy and won't harm the mouse court in it, I have designed this project to let the owner know by cell phone signal they have a mouse in the trap no matter where you are as long a you have a signal on your mobile phone.

3). The benefit of using a cell phone signal is it will call the owner and they can take action to remove the mouse from the trap or ask a family member or friend to remove the mouse to a area it will not be a problem and they can reset the trap for the next mouse that enters in for the bait.

3.5mm jack plug

4). You will need one 3.5mm Mono or stereo jack plug see photo above you can get them on Ebay or Click here


5). You will need one 3.5mm jack socket see photo above you can get them on Ebay or Click here.

Item image

6). You will need one cheap cell phone with one touch or speed dial on it get this from your local phone shop or off ebay.

Item image

7). You will need one Cell phone opening kit you can get them from Ebay or the internet.

Reed Switch Changeover Tiny 15mm TRC200S x 3 pcs

8). You will need one 3 pin reed switch see photo above for the change over reed switch you can get them from Ebay or you local electronic shops or stores.

9). You will need one small Reed Magnet Reed switch mini relay Magnets 19 x 3.2 x 3.2 mm see photo below you can get them from Ebay or your local electronic shops.

10). You will need a small bit of Matrix Board see photo below you can get this from Ebay or Click here.


11). Now on the following page we will look at how to modify the cell phone and wire the mouse trap up and fix it to the cell phone Click here..