Welcome to this simple mains powered portable panic alarm system with hand held transmitter for 20 or 30 meters range that can be turned on or off.


Now if you would like to see the unit being activated then visit my You Tube page here.

1). Why I deigned this simple set up is down to the amount of break-ins that often happen when people are in bed asleep this type of crime is common around the world.

2). This simple set up can be used any where you have mains power for the simple mains remote control to switch on the receiver unit and activate the siren.

3). The unit is nothing more than a simple mains adapter with remote control with a 12 volt power adapter fixed to the mains receiver and a simple 12 volt siren.

4). Now say you are in bed and you hear some thing or some one trying to get in to your place you can press a button on the remote control and activate the siren.

5). The benefit of the unit is you can add more units with the same transmitter you don't need to go out of your bed room to check to see what the sound was and put your self in harms way.

6). The mini transmitter works up to 20 or 30 meters range so you can use it any where in your home up to this range if you lock your self in a room you can press the button on the transmitter and activate the sirens.

7). You can keep the transmitter in your hand when you answer the door in case some one tried to get in to your home you can run for safety and activate the sirens then call the police behind a locked door.

8). Now like every panic alarm they are only good if you can get to the panic alarm switch with this simple idea you have the switch in your pocket all the time or close by.

9). I my self use 3 remote operated sirens in my own home you also have the benefit of activating the sirens and switching them off from the same remote control.

10). Now we will look at the parts you will need to build your own unit the set up is very simple even for a beginner.


11). You will need one set of Mains operated remote control sockets UK Click here if you live out side the UK then get them from your own country from any electrical store should supply them.

Item image

12). You will need one 12 volt  Piezo Siren - Bracket Mount 105dB 12V 1.2Hz warble output. 2.5-3.5kHz 5-15Vdc, 200mA. 57.5 x 44.5 x 40mm Ideal for alarm applications Click here. Bits box do ship international or get this from your own country.

piezo siren

13). 12 volt power adapter 300MA to power siren any higher Current will be fine as long as it is 12 volt Click here. if you are outside the UK then get the power supply from your own country this is down to the mains voltages and pin out connections.

Item image

14). You will need one 3.5mm socket for the power supply plug to plug the 3.5mm jack plug in to Click here Bits box do ship international.


Now on the next page we will look at how to set it up is simple Click here