Welcome to this page on how to add RSS XML content from web sites to Internet Explorer 7.

 Down load IE 7 from Microsoft's own web site here so you can view your own rss xml feeds.

This link is for Mac users only that want to add a free Reader to there computer Net News Wire Lite Please note I do not give any instructions for the Mac user as I only have PC's here

I have set this page up to help people understand the benefit of using RSS XML Readers I have covered this stuff on a number of pages on my site but here I have added Photos as well to make it as simple as I can.

Why are RSS XML feeds becoming so popular when you go to a web site you are looking for information from that site but if you are viewing lots of sites for new information this is where RSS XML readers come in very handy.

The reader will let you scan hundreds or even thousands of news articles or site updates that you have subscribed to with out even going to the site saving you time and money.

1. To start with you can add RSS XML content to your news reader in a number of way's like Dragging the RSS or XML button   into your News Reader.

2. You can even drag the URL of the RSS XML feed in to your News Reader in my case this would be some thing like this http://www.anthony-dacko.net/rss..xml 

3. You may come across a number of Web browsers with built in RSS XML feed readers to start with the popular fire fox browser is like this so is IE7 By Microsoft.

4. You can just cut and paste the URL of the RSS XML feed in to your reader in the four photos below I will show you have to cut and paste from my own site.

Now in this photo below you can see the curser or mouse arrow going to the RSS or XML gif.

First off put the mouse arrow over the RSS or XML gif like I have on my own site and click on it see photo below

When you have clicked on my RSS or XML Button you will get the page below click on my URL in the Address bar.

Now you should get a list come down click on copy see photo below.

Now just Cut and paste the URL in to your news reader if you are going to be using the free Internet Explorer IE7 then click here for the step by step set up.

On some sites now you may come across this gif called pod casting   or this is delivering sound using your RSS XML news reader or you can down load the pod cast in to your MP3 player.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Pod casting then click here


If you like the way I have taken the snap shots to help you set up the program and would like this program and what it can do for you if say you have a error or problem with your computer.

Then you can take a screen shot copy it to disc or e-mail it to people that can help like some Technical or computer news groups or support at your ISP support team or the place where you got the computer from it is endless.

Programs like this often cost around 15 Pound the version I have used is free ware it not only takes snap shots but all so AVI. video of the screen down load it from here.