Welcome to this simple page on modifying a every day smoke alarm with a radio link and a modified cell phone.

First off we all know the benefits of having smoke alarms in our homes, offices or where ever they are used I set this page up to turn a smoke alarm in to a monitored one with out spending to much money.

Now if you would like to see the modified smoke alarm activate the cell phone and call me then visit my You Tube account Click here.

The idea is to let you know your smoke alarm has been activated even if you are thousands of miles away so you can call some one to get it checked out this turns a 85 decibel smoke alarm into the loudest you will ever hear with the help of the GSM phone network. 

In the case you are away from your home you may have pets at home if a fire started your pets may not escape this is why I set this page up to inform you of the danger that has just activated your smoke alarm.

If you are in bed and don't hear the main alarm going off in your living room the unit will send a signal to your mobile phone if switched on and help you escape the danger faster all ways use two smoke alarms in your rooms.

Now if you think just how much electrical equipment you do not switch off like Video Recorders, Hi-Fi Systems, DVD Recorders or Players, Clocks radios, Electrical air fresheners, TV Sets all left plugged in and switched to stand by all electrical devises can go faulty and cause a fire it is not just people that smoke.

If you have electrical devises left on all the time then you may want to invest in a 30 milliamps RCD socket or adapter this will all so help to stop electrical fires from faulty electrical equipment click here.

There are two types of light smoke alarms now the bulb type and the L.E.D type you will need the bulb type this will have a voltage of about 6.6 volts and is what will run the Transmitter see the photo below to get an idea of the one you will need.

1). Now in the photo below you can see I have soldered two wires to the bottom of the smoke alarm the wire must be solders to the two connections that power the bulb this is the connections the bulb sits in as this will power our transmitter. 

2). Now after you have soldered the wires to the main smoke alarm circuit board you will need to solder the two ends of the wires to the mini transmitter see photo below.

3). In the photo above you will see that you will need to solder the Negative wire black to the spring on the mini transmitter and the red wire to the positive on the transmitter.

4). Now what you will need to do is by pass the push button switch as soon as the smoke alarm activates it will send power from the main unit to the transmitter and send the signal to the receiver. Please note in the photo below I have by passed the switch with a small bit of wire.

5). If you want to you can put some thing over the switch to keep it pressed down all the time and using PVC tape wrap this around the item and around the board..

6). Now we will test our modified smoke alarm with transmitter see photo below when you come to test the unit your small transmitters light should come on as soon as you connect both batteries if not press the test button on the smoke alarm it's self. 

7). Please note if the transmitter light is still not coming on reveres the wires on the transmitters connect the red to the spring and the black wire to the positive.

8). Now we want to connect our two batteries to our smoke alarm connect the first battery to the one below the sounder or horn then connect the next battery when you connect if your transmitter lights comes on then you have done every thing right.

9). Now you have connected your two batteries you can press the test bar on the smoke alarm to see if the transmitter light comes on every time it is pressed see video here.

10). Now if the above worked fine you can start to put the smoke alarm back together now be careful see photo below with smoke alarm back together and transmitter out side case.

11). All so now connect the bulb back into it's holder and connect the batteries back into circuit.

12). Now in the photo below we need to fix the small transmitter in to the case as well see how I have fix this inside the smoke alarm see photo below. Please note you may want to use some silicon glue to fix the transmitter to the horn or use two way sticky pads this will help keep it in place.

13). Now close the lid on the smoke alarm this should be a good fit if you have placed the transmitter like the one in the photo above.

14). In the photo below you can see that I have fixed this to my ceiling I use them all over my home the more the better and I have left the case open just to take the photo to let you see inside the smoke alarm. 

Please note if you would like to see a bigger photo click on the photo below.

15). Now in the photo below I have fixed my modified cell phone to my receiver for the transmitter to send a signal to my cell phone this will allow me to listen in if the receiver is in the same room as the fire. Please note in the above photo the battery and detector look black this is just a shadow.

Now that you have all the items you need you will need to modify the cell phone follow the information on the next page with setting the numbers up and how to connect the wires. Click here

16).When you come to connect your modified cell phone to the Receiver unit connect the wires to Ch1 socket now Connect one wire to COM and one to NO screw then down and test your finished modified Smoke alarm see photo above. If you want a bigger photo then click on the one above.

Please note in the above photo the wires coming from the phone are black & red this does not make any different they can be connected both ways around it is just the wire I had at the time.

17). How the units work is simple as soon as the smoke alarm detects smoke it will activate the alarm and send power to the smoke alarms inbuilt bulb, this will all so send power to our transmitter and send a signal to our receiver and the receiver will turn on a relay and activate the modified cell phone or your security system.

18). I use this modified smoke alarm in my own home just remember to test your system by pressing the button now and again this is down to you using a pay as you go sim card in the modified phone.


19). Now you can down load the video to see it all in action here. 

20). Modifying a cell phone click here.

21). Radio link set in Electronic kit form you will need to build this your self Order code K8057 - 2-Channel RF Remote Receiver With Random Code Kit. Click here or Ready assembled form click here. I my self have the assembled version as this was given to me years ago the kit form version is very simple to set up as I have built 3 now for friends.

22). Smoke alarm with light built in Model used was EI 100L Smoke Alarm click here.

23). Please note if you want to buy more transmitters and smoke alarms with a light built in to it then you can I my self use 5 modified smoke alarms with transmitters built in to them you only need one Receiver unit.

24). Now that you have all the items you need you will need to modify the cell phone follow the information on the next page with setting the numbers up and how to connect the wires. Click here