Welcome to this simple page on adding a Dual 3.5mm Jack Adaptor to the DTMF unit and two cell phones on different networks in case one network is down use the back up network to turn your devises on or off.

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In the photo above I have used a cheap coupler to allow me to use two cell phone networks

Now if you would like to see the You tube video of the two networks switching the DTMF unit on or off then click here.

1). Now why I have used two cell phones for this simple DTMF unit is if say one network is having problems you can call the second Mobile phone fixed to your DTMF unit and operate your devises.

2). In the photo below you can see I am using two different Cell phone networks with my own DTMF remote control unit this simple Idea can be used with any DTMF unit that use cell phones just check your pin outs.

3). I have used the same mobile phones as I all ready have them here and the pin outs for the connecters are the same you can see I am using 02 Network also Orange Network.

4). The modification is nothing more than adding a second phone with Auto answer on it and making a new set of plugs and buying a simple 3.5mm Dual Jack Adaptor from Ebay or see address below.

Dual 3.5mm Jack Adaptor

2 x Stereo jack sockets to stereo jack plug adaptors

Here is the address to order the same adapter I used in the prototype of this project:

GVC Digital.

33 Wyemead Crescent
E4 6HN
United Kingdom

E-Mail:  storo62@yahoo.co.uk

Any problems Please do e-mail me at Anthony@anthony-dacko.net