( Why shooting foxes is a total waste of time for the farmer & why I do not agree with shooting)

Hello you may be asking your self why is shooting foxes a total waste of time for the farmer as a number of people think shooting foxes is humane in my own view both shooting and hunting with dogs is a total waste of time. I am a member of the National Fox Welfare Society And More..

I will give a list why I think shooting is a total waste of time like hunting with dogs but I will stay with shooting on this page.

1). First off why shooting foxes is a total waste of time like killing one fox will just make room for the next fox to come along if we look at shooting parties is this not giving them the green light to kill wild foxes that are a benefit to every one by giving a free serves keeping our countryside tidy by eating dead animals or birds and helping to keep diseases down for the farmer.

2). I would like to know what is a rogue fox in my own view a fox is a fox if a fox gets in to a hen or chicken house or coup is this not the fault of the owner and not the fox as every one will know the fox only sees this as food only so should a fox be shot because the owner did not secure his or her birds very well. To give a fox a name like a rogue fox is the wrong word for this fascinating animal of our countryside in my own view.

3). The idea that foxes kill new born lambs where is the post mortem results by DEFRA to show the lamb was in good health to start with some times foxes will just take the head off the dead lamb which I have herd of in the past from farmers.

4). I find it very odd that a marksman can come out and say they killed the correct fox this is impossible a day or so later say a lamb died over night and a fox got to it be for the farmer did the fox will eat the dead lamb. 

Then go and look for more food say a new fox came to the same spot some time later then the farmer seen he had lost a lamb to a fox how does this farmer know the one the marksman kill is the same one that took the dead lamb to start with they will tell the farmer what they want him or her to here. 

5). Even if they use dogs to track the fox the dogs would only pick up the strongest scent and follow that one left by the last fox and yes you guest it the marksman will kill the first fox they see.

6). I would like to know how can a marksman tell the difference from one fox in the field to the next even the fox project have said it is extremely difficult so have the National Fox Welfare society. 

7). How can a farmer say it was a fox with out seeing it to start with if they did see a fox taking a lamb then why have they not started to secure them better it's well known now that more and more farmers are turning away from the pointless idea of hunting with dogs.

8). What happens if a farmer kills the vixen & dog fox if it has cubs what will happen to the cubs now. I do not agree with the view shooting is humane and do not agree with CPHA on this subject I do not agree with hunting with dogs or Snaring I do agree with every thing here. In my own view wildlife have a number of problems to deal with and we don't want to add shooting to this list.

9). It is known a lot of farmers will not want guns down to the problems they can course if we look at criminal gangs will they not target farmers to get access to their gun's it is ok the police saying you must have a secure metal case and accommodations. 

10). The problem is say a criminal gang targeted a farmer and his family at 2 or 4 in the morning pointing a replica fire arm at them or a real gun what would the first thing would you do try and stop them and get killed in the process or give them access to your shot gun or rifle.  The United Kingdom has some of the strongest gun Laws in the world but criminals do not look at it this way.

11). Even hunts that hunted wildlife in the past have come out and said foxes keep their own numbers down they don't need the help of the hunt as we have seen time & time again hunts attract foxes for hunting if the fox is a big problem why do the hunts attract them to man made earths made by hunts or hunt supporters. We have photo evidence and video of this work being carried out by hunt supporters or stewards.

12). I would like to know where is the video evidence that a wild fox has been seen killing a number of new born lambs if this is a big problem where is the video evidence from the Countryside Alliance to back this up even some farmers that do support hunting where is their video evidence or better still why have they hot been securing their new born lambs in barns or putting up electric fences around them.

13). Even if a fox was seen running past sheep or lambs what is to say the fox has not just been spooked by some one or some thing that made it run in that direction. If a fox senses danger the first thing it will do is run away is this not the case with every wild animal. 

14). The biggest killer of new born lambs is domestic dogs people like poachers out lamping after rabbits and so on in the middle of the night even if the new born lambs are healthy a poachers dog will kill them no problem this is why a farmer has a right to kill your dog if it is going after their sheep or lambs.



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