Welcome to this page on how to Convert your Camcorder or VCR footage to your computer then on to CD or DVD disc.


To start with we all like to use our camcorders for every thing that interests us in the case of Wildlife Crime like Hunting, Shooting, Snaring the use of illegal traps and Poaching many people will want to convert this footage from their Analogue Camcorder to there computer then on to CD or DVD disc or e-mail the footage or even upload it to there own web site.. 

The following pages will be a step by step guide of instructions on how to use a USB devise to copy from your camcorder or VCR to your computer I will be using Windows XP.

Selecting the Right Camera to Meet Your Needs and Consumer camcorders and Video Storage Formats come in one of five main formats for more information click here 

The devise I have used for this project is the popular Kworld DVD maker devise.  I all so wanted it to be portable and benefit as many people as possible so they can use it on there table top computer and note book computer as well.

1). The first thing we need to do is buy a video Capture card for this project I will use the Kworld Professional DVD Maker USB 2.0 devise see photo below. 

This devise sells for around 20 Pound Click here or look on the internet for your nearest suppler..

2). You will all so need to buy 3 RCA to 3 RCA plug's for your Camcorder or VCR to connect to the Kworlds USB Devise see photo's below.

You can buy the above cables from here or most shops or superstores 

You will be able to buy the plugs you need from most shops or superstores I have used the 3 plug version as it is color coded on the Kworld DVD Maker Devise the color codes are the same as the plugs in the above photo so makes setting up more simpler to follow for total beginners. 

In the photo above you can buy one S-Video or some times called S-VHS Lead to connect to the Kworld devise above or the plug below or  from your Camcorder if it has a S-Video Socket or your DVD- Recorder or video recorder click here


Adaptor with a SCART on one side connecting to 3 phono sockets and a 4-pin S-VHS socket on the other. This adaptor features a switch for connecting the sockets to either the input or output of the SCART  Click here

Please note if you have no free USB ports on your computer then you will need to buy a USB Port Hub see photo below.

You will be able to buy this very cheap on e-bay Click here

3). Now we will look at the camcorder all camcorders have two out puts one for Video and one for Audio when you come to connect your cables to your Camcorder connect the yellow plug to the Video out put socket on the Camcorder and the Red plug to your Audio out put socket on the Camcorder.

4). Now plug the yellow plug from the end of the RCA lead in to the Kworld devise this will need to go to the yellow socket on the Kworld devise now connect the red plug from the end of the RCA lead to the red socket on the Kworld devise.

5). Now you will need to connect the Kworlds USB plug in to the back of your Computer it will say on the back of your computer USB.

6). Now you will have a plug left connect this in to your sound cards Line Socket or Microphone Socket at the back of your computer.

Please note if you are using your camcorder with this devise then it will be set for the right AV signal in the case of your VCR you will need to put this on the same channel you watch your video's on your TV this will often be set for the AV channel. 

7). We will now start to install the Software from disc look at the two discs and put the disc called DVD Maker USB2.0 this is the only disc we will need as we will be using Microsoft's Movie Maker Program.

8). On the following page we will install the program for the Kworld Professional DVD Maker USB 2.0 Driver I have taken snap shots of my screen to make it simple to see how to set it all up click here for more information



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