Welcome to this page on Home Automation turn on or off any thing from 1 to 8 Electrical or Electronic devises using your Cell Phone or Land Line Phone.

   You can operate this unit from any where in the world

Now If you would like to see me turn on or off Electrical devises with the help of this kit and a cell or land line phone from any where in the world then view my You Tube page Click here.

Now if you want a Cell phone to Cell phone DTMF 8 channel remote control click here.


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, brings telephony and Internet technology together.VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, brings telephony and Internet technology together.

If you would like to view the schematic diagram of the kit above then click here.  

This product can be connected to any analogue or broadband phone line and both corded or cordless (analogue and DECT) telephone sets and is operated using simple DTMF tones.

1). On the following project we will be working with the smart kit No 1186 this allows us to operate any thing from one to eight electrical devises from a phone line using the DTMF from a Land line or Mobile phone or even Voice over IP Protocol to turn things on or off from any where in the world.

2). Now you may be wondering what DTMF is and why it is so popular in the telecommunications industry it is finding it's way in to the consumer market and more: Click here

3). Now you may be wondering what Voice over IP Protocol is and how it can work with this unit if you have a DTMF program on your computer then you can make it work with this devise: Click here.  

4). You can find more information here about Demystifying VoIP (Voice Over IP) Click here.

5). The Above unit comes in electronic kit form or ready assembled for people that do not have electronic back grounds order the above Kit or ready assembled and tested version Click here.

6).If you are in the USA or Canada the above unit is suitable for the detection of DTMF Tones to operate to order the unit in Kit or ready assembled form with or with out case see link below. The Unit is DTMF operated so can be operated from any Mobile or Land Line Phone from any where in the world.

7). Now if you live in the USA or Canada you can get a similar unit with 4 relays output and use the same information I give on the following pages with the 4 Relay version. Click here. 

8). Items you will need that are not in the kit or ready assembled version are listed below.

9). Now if you live in the United Kingdom you will need to order a BT to RJ11 Phone Cord (Order Code 285.147 for UK phone systems) Now if you live out side the UK you may need to order a RJ11 to RJ11 plugs and cable order code

10). Power Supply: Regulated 12Vdc (Order Code PSU303 with connector 778.106 is suitable) UK only if you are out side the UK then order the a 12 volt regulated power supply from your own country.

11). You will need to buy one 3.5mm  jack socket - panel mounting stereo or mono socked Click here.

12). You will need to buy a surge strip I recommend the Belkin Pro Master with Telephone input & Outputs to protect your unit from lighting strikes on the phone line see photo below.




You can order the Belking protectors on ebay Click here if you are out side the UK order the plug from your own county.

Here is some very important information why you may want to buy a Belkin Surge protector for your unit and why Surges are so damaging below.

A surge protector is an indispensable device that will protect and prolong the life of all your electrical devices. It protects from power imbalances, events that occur every single day in any household, office or other place where power is provided. One of the most dangerous power imbalances is an unexpected increase in the current voltage, also known as surge. Power imbalances are not only caused by the main power provider, but from all the devices attached to the line at a specific moment: Have you ever experienced the change of luminosity of your normal light bulb when you switch on the oven? That is called a power imbalance, and these events can be caused by many other different electrical devices like a washing machine, a refrigerator, a fluorescent light, a vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer or a malfunctioning light bulb. Another serious power imbalance is a spike, commonly called lightning.

All electrical devices that are exposed to such power imbalances, if large enough, will either fail immediately or will fail after continued exposure to such events. Damages can be as simple as a burned power transformer or as catastrophic as a broken hard disk or LCD screen with terrible consequences. The effects of power imbalances are registered more and more often as all electrical devices are nowadays provided with integrated circuits. Surges and other power imbalances are not only affecting electrical devices through the normal power line but also through telephone, network and coaxial lines.

To protect your electrical devices Belkin engineered a complete range of Surge Protectors. These power extensions may look similar to other power strips at first but they are built with a sophisticated and powerful circuit containing efficient MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) and gas tubes. MOVs functionality can be easily explained: The excess of power coming from a surge will be isolated and diverted with no consequences to earth therefore allowing a normal and regulated flow of power to go through the electrical device. MOVs efficiency is defined by the Joule rating. The higher the Joule rating, the higher the protection will be, and the longer the surge protector will work. Belkin 50,000,000 Surge Protectors sold world wide are equipped with the highest joule rating MOVs in the industry, and are equipped with the best in class protection for telephone, network and coaxial connections making Belkin the undoubted leader in surge protections. The entire Belkin Surge Protector range is covered by a manufacturer lifetime warranty.*

Now on the next page we will look at how to connect our electrical or electronic devises to the relays of the unit.