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 Hunting With Dogs is now banned in England ,Wales & Scotland 

The fox shop directly helps foxes when you buy goods

Welcome to this new page on how to Convert your Camcorder or VCR footage to your computer then on to CD or DVD disc 

  Like me if you love all wildlife then you may like to visit this excellent page on foxes it has lots of photos and video for the fox fan  

Frustration over media and some public attitudes to foxes is what lies behind a new website packed with scientifically-based, no-punches-pulled facts.

The economic situation affecting everyone means that the RSPCA’s Biggest Animal Rescue just got bigger. Your donation will make a real difference –  Please help Now. 

Home made electronic security devises you can build your self.

Susie's Journey Slideshow On You Tube please note this is very upsetting.

Welcome to this page on how to allow a service dog to get help if there owner had a seizure and more by activating the one touch dial on a cell phone.

 Operate up to 8 electrical devises around your home or where ever using the DTMF of a cell phone to Cell phone.

Man Looks Every where for his Lost Dog, Only to Find Out his Best Friend was Executed by a Rochester, NY Police ffice

1/2/19 Five men jailed over badger baiting in Melto

1/2/19 A heartbroken pet owner is warning others about hidden traps found on a popular dog walking spot.

1/2/19 How warmer waters threaten Arctic Ocean life.

1/2/19 Dundee scientists claim wildlife crime breakthrough.

1/2/19 New officers to tackle wildlife crime in Cairngorms.

1/2/19 Police investigating discovery of animal’s remains warn of organised crime threat to Thailand’s tiger population.


13/8/18 Is the EU doing enough to address wildlife crime?

13/8/18  Poachers now using unsuspecting women as conduits of Wildlife Crime.

12//8/18 New Yorker Imprisoned for Smuggling $150k in Lion and Tiger Parts



17/7/18 Eggs removed from golden eagle nest in Badenoch & Strathspey.

16/7/18 Reward offered over live Oregon deer found shot with arrows.

15/7/18 Authorities in Indonesia destroyed a stuffed tiger, boa skins, and other contraband to ensure they don’t leak out of government possession and back onto the black market.

15/7/18 A study released today by TRAFFIC suggests that most of Viet Nam’s online illegal wildlife trade does not take place on websites ending in .vn, as previously thought and instead monitoring efforts should focus on those ending .com, including social media websites.

14/7/18 Chinese communities in Mozambique and Zambia engaged on CITES and sustainable trade in forest resources

13/7/18 Three Critically Endangered tigers among illegal wildlife parts seized by Malaysian authorities

12/7/18 Monumental’ bust in Madagascar triggers effort to save thousands of endangered tortoises

12/7/18 Poachers blamed in second Sumatran elephant death this year

12/7/18 Lawmakers in Indonesia have submitted for review to President Joko Widodo’s administration a bill that would overhaul the country’s 28-year-old conservation law.

11/7/18 Orangutan found shot, hacked at palm plantation with history of deaths

11/7/18 Two suspected poachers arrested for killing of Sumatran elephant

10/7/18 Plymouth egg collector convicted for disturbance and egg theft from raptor nests

10/7/18 Badger cull fueling illegal wildlife crimes, charities claim 

10/7/18 Is this why the rare hen harrier is facing 'extinction by persecution' in England, Man let off with caution for setting 'barbaric' bird of prey traps on land owned by friends of the royal family

10/7/18 Massive haul of illegal ivory found in Hong Kong.

10/7/18 Live vultures and endangered bird eggs found in man's bag at Heathrow.

10/7/18 Zimbabwean poacher arrested after four years on the run for 'killing more than 100 elephants'

9/7/18 The GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) is being urged to act NOW to stop club fundraisers at greyhound tracks. Numerous clubs (including junior clubs) have held fundraisers at tracks - gambling venues where dogs suffer injuries and die

9/7/18 The deputy leader of The Green Party Ireland has called for an end to hare hunting and the use of hares in cruel coursing

9/7/18 The Minister for Culture, Heritage and Gaeltacht Josepha Madigan in Ireland  is currently considering a licence application for another season of cruel hare coursing. Please join us in an urgent appeal to the Minister to refuse this licence and give full protection to the Irish Hare - a species which wildlife experts are saying is "in trouble", with numbers having "declined significantly

9/7/18 Its Time to take a stand Against Dog fighting.

On the 7/7/18 I attended the LACS Conference in Newcastle, This was a brilliant day for me they covered a number of subjects on Blood sports and more.

8/7/18 Fox hunt supporters given suspended prison sentences for brutal attack on League investigators

8/7/18 African wildlife officials trained by UK crime scene investigators to tackle poaching.

8/7/18 WILDLIFE CRIME: Scottish Government ACCUSED of breaking ...

8/7/18 Eggs 'stolen' from golden eagle nest in Cairngorms

8/7/18 Wildlife poachers in Kenya 'to face death penalty'

8/7/18 How Simple Forensic Fingerprinting Could Help the World's Most Trafficked Mammal

8/7/18 World's first test-tube rhino created to bring back sub-species from extinction

8/7/18 Warning over Chinese lanterns after star horse set on fire

8/7/18 Africa's lions threatened with extinction by villagers bent on revenge

8/7/18 Plague of green iguanas wreaks havoc in Florida

8/7/18 Frogs and toads vanishing in Britain as garden ponds fall out of fashion

8/7/18 Breeding badgers force closure of Suffolk road for four months after council said they can not be disturbed

8/7/18 One in five British mammal species could be extinct within a decade

8/7/18 Police teams across Devon and Cornwall are asking for the public’s help to report poachers in rural areas of the region with the launch of the campaign ‘Stop Poaching’.

8/7/18 Wildlife crime can and does occur anywhere where animals can go - this includes rural and urban areas. 



Undercover investigations form a vital part of the League's overall campaigning strategy to abolish blood sports and tackle wildlife crime. Without these investigations, MPs, the media, League members, supporters and the wider public would not be aware of the nature and scale of wildlife persecution.